Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Careful to watch the pins when you sit down to sew!

I don't know why it is but I'm so fascinated with all these pins when machine finishing a binding the JudyL way :) I love seeing all of them lined up in a row... Pinning closely assures me that I won't have any missed spots on the back side ;)

all I have to do is take my time and sew directly in the ditch on the front. ;) and WAL-LA!! Take a look at what I saw when I held up to take a look at what I sewed... a perfect seam on the back side ;) Can you see it? Maybe click the photo below to make it a little larger.

Invisible on the front of the quilt and perfect on the back - that makes me happy :)

Now just one more side to go.... did I mention that I love seeing all these long pins?? I must have taken 3 dozen pics of them to share with you.. LOL but I only selected my favorites for this post. ;)

and what do we have here? See those pink marks...... I had forgotten all about them, and Quiltaholic called me when she got my quilt on her longarm to tell me about what she noticed.

After some thinking I remembered back to a couple years ago when I "thought" I was going to hand quilt this one and had it on the frame my Daddy made for me and I had stood up behind the sofa in the den... and remembered a time with Nora (3 at the time) drew on it with her pink sidewalk chalk. Whew! I'm sure it will wash out. ;)

If not, them my white picket fence on my Texas Treasures Round Robin quilt will just have pink spots...? Edited to add - that after washing it DID come out! ;)

and ooogh - another thing I love - PERFECT mitered corners! ;)

If the sun ever comes out I'll take this quilt outside for a photo of the whole quilt! ;) I know I showed it to you all spread out on the kitchen floor already this week - but that's not the same is it? ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Your quilting looks good! I haven't tried free motion quilting yet, but it's on my to-do list! One of these days!!

    Love all the pins in the binding too! :0)

  2. The quilt looks beautiful!

    I'm not brave enough (nor ambitious enough) to pin my binding on like that. Actually, I don't pin mine at all!

  3. That's a lot of pins! Do you sew over them or remove them as you come to them?

  4. Dear Anonymous - I hope that you'll revisit to see my reply...

    Yes, I do sew over my pins. At a snail’s speed though. Rarely do I ever hit one or break a needle, but it has been known to happen. So just go slow and you should be OK. ;)

  5. Bonnie, I am always fascinated by all the pins lined up perfectly too and I've been known to take pictures of them too. So glad your binding by machine is working for you.

  6. Ok...I am crazy for pins. Where did you get them....or what kind are they. They look super thin...super long and with glass heads?
    Great pictures!


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