Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Locks of Love Donation

While home in KY over Christmas, I started noticing Paul Thomas' hair looking so.... so.... mangy. You know he got a horrible hair cut last time and while it's still not even long enough to comb over on the top - but around the ears and collar it's looking shaggy and uneven on him.

I've also been thinking of cutting some of my length off too! So I decided the week after Christmas that "today was the day" and called the place where Clara goes to get her hair cut often and made appointments for Paul Thomas and I.

David stayed at home with the girls and his mother went with us to watch and keep Paul Thomas during my turn.

He did so great sitting so still - as he has each time before. And this time the girl cutting, Melinda - was a MOM who had a son who was 5 so she was so sweet talking to him the whole time. ;) Too bad she's in KY and we can't use her every time!

Her booth was in a corner and not only did it have the usual mirror in front of the chair but also another one on the wall to the left so he got to watch the whole time. I think he really liked that part ;) What a cute little man ;)

and can you guess how many inches I got taken off??

I'm not for sure but I'm guessing it was between 12-14" Yep at least OVER 12" cut!!?!?!

Yep, I did it! I was getting so tired of all the knotted up tangled mess to comb through after getting out of the shower each day - not to mention all the hair in the drain... or the mouse, as David calls them... :/

still long enough for a "SHORT" pony tail if I need it - and I'm sure I will on the days I don't blow it straight and use my flat iron... I'm really glad I did it!

I plan on mailing it in myself after I get back to Texas.... to Locks of Love and I did a little reading up on it before I went. Here are their official guidelines about donating.

To see before and after photos of people who have donated click here. I should have taken a photo of me holding up my cut hair after I was done but didn't think of it.

If you mail in your own hair here is the link to the form to print out and mail with your hair. But while looking all of this information up - the part I enjoyed the best was seeing the photos of the children tho have HUGE SMILES on their faces b/c a wig was made especially for them using donated hair. Click here to take a look :)

Yep, I love it -here's a photo I took after the first time I washed/dried and styled it myself. ;) I think this will be a great change to my usual ponytail mommy style. :P

Love from Texas!


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