Saturday, May 24, 2008

Funny Faces on Friday

No, no, no, this will not be a series of posts each Friday like I try and do each week for "Wordless Wednesday" over on my family blog... but I just thought this title was catchy and went good with what I am about to show you. :P

OK, remember me talking about my greying hair...earlier this week and how my mom had all white hair... What, you don't believe me???

Well, I am about to PROVE it to you that yes, I am 34 and have lots of grey and even WHITE hairs!!!what's that you say??? "Oh that's not that bad Bonnie - I only see four or five... OK, maybe there's a dozen......"

Well take a closer look SISTER! On my right side there are lots... LOTS & LOTS I tell you!!!
on my left side there's a hole "patch" of 'em all hanging out together... sorta the beginning of an Elvira streak don't you think? OK, you still don't think it's as bad as I am making it out to be... well prepare yourself - you are gonna get a close up!
I tilt my head forward just a tad little bit so the light hits it and like that cooking show guy says, "BAM!" there they all are!!! and the whites are not as noticeable when all my hair is pulled up in a pony tail!!! Just imagine it down and then looking into my part!

I know, I know, I can't believe I just showed the whole world on my blog my grey/white hairs up close! But what do I have to hide? After all everyone who knows me, knows I have grey hairs... and why not share it with all of you too? (so those of you next year in NH will recognize me)

or is that look on my face of disbelief, b/c, of "I can't believe" what I'm gettin ready to show you next!???!?!?!

something I have always had fun doing - Making funny faces in the mirror!!!! Ever since I can remember - (as young as 3 years old I have memories of doing this)

OK, that was fun!... and I'll admit it, this entire post was staged!!!
Tonight after getting the twins to sleep and changing into my jammies, I saw the camera there on the bathroom vanity and thought to myself... maybe I should take photos of my hair and post on my blog??
Some people post of list of odd things about themselves, me I post photos! LOL (however I am trying to think up some "unique" things about me to post one of these days...) So stay tuned!
Happy Weekend everyone! :) Love from Texas! ~bonnie
note to self: WOW look at you Bonnie! Slowly but surly becoming a bloggin fool! :P Before you know it you will be like your bloggin mentors and posting EVERYDAY! It's too bad your archives at the side don't have a number in (#) parentheses beside each month to show how often you have posted..... I bet you have posted more this month than you have all year! anyway, whoo hoo.. keep it up girl!
OK, I am done talking to myself now. ;) nite!


  1. Bonnie, you're cute! Grey/White hairs and all. ;) I can't wait to meet you in NH. I missed the original signup and wasn't on the list, but then they raised the number to 70 and I'm in.

  2. They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness LOL. I went grey nearly overnight after DD was born.

  3. Oh you are too funny! I wonder if you could just tell everyone it is highlighting - you know they say grey is the new "in" thing - so your ahead of the trends!

  4. :))) Bonnie, I love the photo's! :) Now my aunt would say 'that white streak is your orneriness coming out honey.' :)) I used to tell my DH I got it from him... he was ornery, but it stressed me! LOL ;)

  5. You have me laughing out loud!! So funny!

  6. I have my share of white too - somehow it never seems to be that much until I see a photo of myself taken outside like the ones Chris took of me this last weekend. I'm too lazy to have it dyed though...too much time, upkeep and $$.


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