Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thank You Thursday

My mother always taught me to write Thank You notes to the people in my life who thought I was deserving of a gift from them.
To simply pause for a moment and thank them and to show them how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness. It is so sad how today's kids are really lacking!!! But I won't get on my soapbox here - just gonna make sure I teach my own kids like I was taught and remind myself, "If people knew better, they'd do better."

In the past I have hosted a variety of swaps (string blocks, snowballs, oodles and oodles of NOODLES and even the FQ Bingo.) Not everyone sends me something but ever so often I find a "Prize in the package" that one of my swappers wanted me to have and I've received some really thoughtful hostess gifts.
Most often fabric or extra blocks (which I call "leftovers" and I looooove leftovers!) but sometimes something totally different and not quilt related at all. Even occasionally they will be gifts for my children, which I feel most grateful b/c they show that they care about my kids :)
I'd love to tell you who this cute little door hanger was made by... and I did write her a Thank You note at the time I received it....
However, now 2 years later... I must admit - I don't have the greatest memory in the whole world... and I've forgot which HGTV memeber made it for me.
But I do smile every time I see it :) It reminds me of that very first year I hosted the FQ Bingo on the HGTV message board.... Oh, how I wish so badly I could remember WHICH PLAYER made this for me!!! 2006 was the first year of our Bingo - and that's how later on I became "bingo~bonnie" ;)

Being Thankful is not to be limited to material gifts I have received... - there are so many things in life to be thankful for in our lives!!! It's just about taking the time to acknowledge them, reflect on them, and count our blessings and be grateful!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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