Monday, May 19, 2008

Just what exactly is Shabby Chick anyway?

OK, back to something quilty... the Fat Quarter Bingo!

Here is a little update - thank goodness the winners are not beating down my door demanding their jackpots! The game ended just before Mother's Day weekend.... on Wednesday 5/7 we had 8 players yell BINGO for a coverall card! Two winners in each of the four groups! :)

So over the weekend following the game I took a "rest" and enjoyed Mother's Day... then hello Daddy and Clara... so again the FQ's took back burner. I am keeping the winners updated and so far they all agree family is more important and know that I have a life. ;)

However this weekend, I pulled up from the emails correspondence their wish lists of color choices... - this was from the OUTSIDE BOARDER winners - there were 4 players who each won that category.....(one from each group)

Their prize for Outside Boarder on their card is 10 Fat Quarters..kind of like a runner up prize... last year was our first year to do this and it was a success! Everyone liked the idea of having another chance to win something...

However like last year, there are always a few players who assume we are playing "any 5 in a row" WHICH We have NEVER done - and will NEVER do... and email me with a premature bingo and I have to burst their bubbles. Unfortunately this year there were more than 2 dozen bubbles I had to burst!!$#((^$`#%??!

Which tells me that my rules need to be proof read and edited to make that clearer or that these players didn't at all read them to begin with. (I think the latter)

anyway enough of that - back to the Bingo...as i was sorting them I got to do some stash shoppin' as I call it. :)

I sat aside black/white fabrics.
I sat aside 1930 fabrics.
I sat aside red fabrics.
I sat aside large florals.
I sat aside batiks.
I sat aside bright fabrics.
I sat aside shabby chick fabrics.

......or rather what I thought might be considered shabby chick as I have really no clue as to what that means?? It's like saying to a painter I want a taupe bedroom and him rolling his eyes as he tells you in reply, "Woman, there are 100 different taupe's" (actually I had that happen to me once when we built our home in SC)

So, do these look Shabby Chick to you? Guess I'll find out when I send Irish an email with the pic for her to pick out 10 for herself.... worst case she'll tell me no these are not shabby and give me a description on what she is looking for.

Will post photos of the other fabrics later another day... I am tired now and ready to go upstairs to bed. Posting several posts all in one sitting, both here and on Minor Happenings my family blog has worn me out tonigh. :c) Gonna go close out after my next post over there... or at least save it. Photos are taking too long to upload tonight.

'nite and Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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  1. Some of those fabrics look shabby chic to me, others not so much (like h,p,k). I agree that the term is open to interpretation from person to person. Glad to see so many posts from you! Also, I meant to comment a few posts back (but was holding my baby while reading) and say that I would love to send you a siggy block for your quilt - I have swapped noodles with you before and am in R/O minis now. Send me the specifics and I'll include a block when I send my minis.


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