Monday, May 12, 2008

My 1st bloggiveaway WIN!

I am so behind in posting - but thankfully I know a way to play catch up... post several posts tonight and back date them! :)

Take a look at what arrived in the mail (5/3/08). Here's a pic of my first evah blog give-a-way winnings!!! A few weeks ago on Pat Sloan's Blog she asked what everyone carries in their purse or pockets... and I made a reply. The next day she told me that her husband drew the winners and I was one of two lucky people! ;) I was so surprised, b/c most of the time when I get the time to read a blog, by the time I get to the give-a-way part..... it has already come and went. ;P but not this time.

She mailed me pieces form her scrap bag of her newest fabric line along with two applique patterns and a flyer promoting her new web page I Can't Believe I'm Quilting where you can download online class videos. It's pretty neat and I would have never known it existed had she not sent me the flyer. ;)

So my question for you today:
Have you ever won anything in a blog-give-away? or have you ever held a blog-give-away? or thinking of doing so?? I know I don't get much traffic here on my site - being as I'm not in any rings or anything, but I sure bet that if I went thru my sewing room and cleaned out I could come up with some variety of stuff to give away... maybe one of these days...?

and by the way, for the people who celebrate their 100th post and such.. how in the world do you know it's your 100th? do you count them???

Love from Texas!


  1. THAT explains it all!! I have you on my list of blogs to check out daily, and then all of a sudden one day, I was checking your blog, and there were about 5 posts from 5 different days that I had somehow 'missed'.. or SO i thought!! You made me think i was losing my mind... glad to know I've not lost it completely!!

  2. I read you Bonnie! I haven't won any giveaways, but haven't been doing the blog thing very long. Happy Quilting!

  3. Yes, I've won blog giveaways.

    Yes, I've hosted a giveaway.

    When I go to blogger home/dashboard, it says how many posts I've done. Also if you edit your posts, it should say how many, like "1-50 out of 233" or something.

    Nowadays I'm more selective about where I toss my name in blogging giveaways. I don't want to win something I don't love, it'll just languish in my closet. I want something that GRABS me. :)


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