Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have never been this excited and nervous before

OK, I am ticked off! Here I am trying to be a good blogger and post often and I even have exciting news to share and wanted to do one of those cool count down tickers... and have worked and worked and the only thing ticked is me!

The good news to share is that I am going to the 2009 Circle of Friends Retreat in New Hampshire next spring! :) It's the HGTV board members 3rd annual get together and I have never attended before! I am so excited and nervous about going - is that odd... me nervous!?!

Anyway, I thought I'd add a ticker - like the one I did on our family page for our trip to KY in July... I even found a cute fabric looking background to use and everything... only thing is that when I put it in my side bar it over lapped into my posts area and I played with the width - making it and the height smaller sizes but no luck... still overlapped and then the background got all wired blinking like crazy!

Then I thought.. OK, so it won't be in my side bar - I'll just make it at the top of this post...and announce that I am going to the retreat.... but when I copied over the code it gave me... I didn't get the ticker that I designed and created but this silly looking thing!! Not the correct date - or background. URGH!

the only thing ticking is me! I'm ticked at pyzam's ticker! :P

Here is the only darned thing I can get to show up!

had to remove - it showed up in the preview but then there was an error at posting and if i knew how to fix that then there woudln't be a problem, now would there?!@!?

at the bottom it said "until something happens???? that is suppose to say "Circle of Friends RETREAT - NH" and a nice background that looks like fabric!

Oh well! I tried! I so wish I knew more about this Html stuff... I really don't like my design of my web page at all... too much wasted space on the sides. and the part where my posts show up is too narrow.. and i have heard that if you change your template you loose all of your links...

is that ture??@?!!@! I better copy an dsave before changing!

Did anyone notice my new profile photo? I updated it tonight. No make up in the photo - but that is the real me these days... I really liked this "Mom & Me Moment" that day with Nora.

The old me pic with long straight hair in the black turtle neck was a photo from Christmas 2006 so it was time for an update :)

Tonight I actually had quite a few changes in my UFO list and current project lists... then stupidly hit the "back" button at the top and lost it all! I should have previewed and saved!!! I tried to update again but couldn't remember everything.... I will have to play with it again some more when time allows.

So now I have to start planning my "Mommy Vacation" that is what I am calling the Circle of Friends Retreat ;)

I have never been so excited and nervous all at the same time before!

I have never met any of my online friends before!

I have never been on a quilter's retreat before!

I have never been to New Hampshire before!

I have never spent this much money on something "just for me" before!

I have never been away from the twins before!

Did I mention I have never been this excited and nervous before?!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


  1. The photo caught my eye, right away. You both look beautiful.

    I would be excited and nervous, too. You will have great fun!! NH is very different from Texas. You'll enjoy the change and seeing old friends for the first time.

  2. What fun, thinking and planning on this event! Enjoy yourself, and splurge on ... whatever. Wish it was ME!

    I'm no help on the HTML. I seem to have gotten a page up and that's enough for me. Can't seem to get it updated, modified, changed. Too busy with other demands, so ... you're not alone with your questions.

  3. Love the new photo. Y'all are both so cute! Well, you could've met me before but you wouldn't do it! I understand your excitement and apprehension. It will be so fun!!!

  4. Bonnie - I can't wait to meet you in NH - we'll be waiting with open arms. Having lived in TX and now NH, they are very differnt and you'll have a blast at the retreat!! When you find the countdown clock so I can add it to my blog too!! :-)

  5. YEAH bonnie is coming to NH too!!! This will be my 3rd one, and I'm just as excited/nervous for this one as i was for the first two. BUT that all goes out the window the minute you meet everyone the first time. It feels like you have known these people all your lives!! its AWESOME!!!! so glad you get to come!! and i'm like you, spending this much money on myself is very rare, but WE are so worth it!! you will have the time of your life!!!

    as for the HTML stuff, i'm ignorant about that also, sorry i'm no help

  6. You'll love NH. I'm not on HGTV so I don't know if you're giving yourself some extra time here or not. It would be fun to meet you.


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