Friday, May 2, 2008

thinking out loud...

OK, so if you don't mind, I am gonna just type/think out loud here. ;c)

why do I even bother blogging??? I don't' get much quilting done these days... remember my Friendship Star blocks laid out on the guest bed from February ??? still there!

how come I can't make a commitment to blogging more often? I mean, I take the time to read my favorites every day as the kids play... why not commit to posting a little someitsommin before looking around blog land. ((this is my goal that I can't seem to get into action))

October 2006

when I first stared this blog - it was way back when... WHEN Nora ACTUALLY took a nap everyday! that seems like ages ago! oh how I wish for that time again.... I use to get a "break" each day to look forward to. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

Nora quit napping on me last year, and now the twins are here..

Olivia and Paul Thomas do nap, but hardly ever at the same time! urgh! :(

By the way, I should brag on Olivia here - she is the perfect napper/sleeper!!! Her naps are like clockwork, and long! and she has been sleeping all night since her 8th week!..........on the other hand, her brother is the exact opposite! Terrible napper! 20 minutes after you put him down, he is awake!! - and night time *!#%&&*#$% I have long forgotten what uninterrupted sleep is - it's been over a year since I slept for over 4 hours at a time! well, on Valentines' he did sleep all night for the 1st time.. aaaahhh how sweet ;) But he can't really help it, he has breathing troubles and we are looking forward to his first Birthday so that he can have his adenoids removed.

OK, so back to thinking......should I rename my blog? I don't really get to post during nap times anymore..? and if so, what shall I call it?

something to do with bingo? since my nickname is bingo bonnie and that is in the address line?

do I want to begin sharing more of my hostess activities from the HGTV quilter's board? That may be good. then swappers could tune in here for updates and photos.. they love photos!

speaking of HGTV board - we are on DAY 32 of the Fat Quarter Bingo!!! four groups of players are sitting on pins and needles!!! ((Pun intended hardy-har-HAR!)).........I crack my self up! :) We should have a blackout/cover all winner any day now... I'm calling 2 numbers each day.

and as of Tonight - Aaaa..ALLELUIA!!! My mini 9 patch Round 1 is completely swappitty, swap, SWAPPED!
Tonight around 11:45pm I FINISHED! all that is left is taping them all shut... but first I have to make a trip to the store as I always add a little something "extra" to all of my swappers packages. I like to be a fun hostess :)

and speaking of that swap - IT kicked my hostess BUT all over and then some!! I have never tackled anything so challenging! I have swapped noodles before (before twins) and that was always fun.. but this was different. Mainly b/c it was so large and also b/c this time I had more life interruptions and could just spend 3 days and be done.... plus there was the bingo going on too and all the packages arriving at the same time! I think round two will be better. :)

as far as my hostess experience goes -I am so glad i had some experience under my belt. With the noodles I use to host - my largest month of noodles I had 28 swappers send in 166 sets for a total of 996 noodles. That was when we did the Black/White theme.

.....I can't believe I don't have a black/white noodle photo to show you... sorry. I use to take photos of all of them laid out... but can't find where I saved that - that was last year...

well for ROUND 1 of our mini 9 patches (finish at 3") we had 50 participants sign up... but only 36 followed thru to swap (thank goodness!!!) b/c those 36 swappers sent in:

192 sets of 10/set blue mini 9 patches = 1920 blocks!!!

***AND ***

169 sets of 10/set BROWN mini 9 patches = 1690 blocks!!!

I'll do the math for you - that is 3610 blocks to swap out!!!!

I just for got to keep up with the hours, but if I had to guesstimate - I'd say I spent close to 18 hours collectively. On and off and on and off again... over the past month.

and I'll spare everyone the details of all the problems that occurred this month during my swapping... oh the stress! like i need more grey hairs...

but in the end it all worked out! :c) and I'm betting I get some return swappers again for Round 2 in June. We're doing it quarterly... currently, sign ups are closed at 35 swappers - but, I am taking names for wait list only......(((what was I thinking when I originally let the sign ups go to 50 people!!?^%$%&??)))

oh did I say June, yes June is the next deadline!!!! I better make announcement to my group that I plan to be on vacation to Kentucky for the 4th of July... so I will not be able to begin the swapping until after we return from our trip! note to self - tell them tomorrow!

I wonder if everyone will mail earlier? I wonder how many "super swappers" I'll have again...? (people who send in 100 blocks of each color)

WHEW! I'm just glad Round 1 is over and you can bet that I'll be skipping off to the post office either tomorrow **if my Best Friend can keep the kidos for me** or on Saturday for sure as I can leave all the kids at home with David while I go BY MYSELF! and I will have to treat myself to Dairy Queen to celebrate!

oh how I love ice cream -but that is a whole 'nother post! ;)

well, I guess that is about all for now - and I will leave you with a video at the bottom. I took it today just before time to leave to go pick up Nora from Preschool. The babies were at the dining room gate while I was in there working on the swap.

I know it is fun for you all to hear me as much as the babies - my accent? - grew up in Kentucky ;) Oh and Paul Thomas took his "FIRST STEPS" last night - not seen in this video but I wanted to share ;)

Thanks for letting me think out loud ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


  1. What a pleasure to see those beauties -- the kids, not quilts for a change! I don't know how you manane 3 little ones PLUS the exchanges, etc., PLUS the occasional blog posts. Not bad, girl. For everything there is a season ... a lot of us a grammies, with bits of time to fill, so ... your day will come when you have more time.

  2. Bonnie, you've got lots going on right now!! Now wonder blogging has taken the back burner. I'm still in awe of your exchanges that you host!!! They're HUGE!

    As a Mom, I know what its like to need a break and when you don't get them, its hard! Would Nora take some "quiet time" on the couch? That's what we did when nap times went away here...I get some downtime (although not as much as I wanted!) and the kids recharge a bit - just a suggestion! Oh, and don't change the name of your blog - I LOVE it! :) ~Jessica

  3. I don't know how you have time to do anything! I never thought about twins napping at different times. It probably doesn't seem like it now but this time will pass quickly so hang in there. In no time at all, you won't be sleeping because you'll be waiting for your babies to return home from dates!

  4. Hey! How fun it has been to read your postings - I'm in need of a nap now - lol!
    What a giving and thoughtful person you are -

  5. you wear me out girl!! so now where is that video so i can hear your wonderful accent AND see your beautiful babies in action? am i missing something somewhere?!?!
    i still like the 'nap time news' as your title... even though you don't get a 'nap' or get to post during naps, i think we all can feel your need for a 'nap'!! :)


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