Thursday, May 15, 2008

SURPRISE!!! Dad and Clara are here visiting!

OOOooooups, almost forgot a BIG something that happened this past week - see what back dating can do to you - get you all out of order...oh well - it will just appear that I have posted everyday, and that is my goal right? LOL On Monday of this week (5/12/08) Daddy called around 9am and said, "Clara and I just had breakfast here in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI and we are on our way to come see you!"

Aaak! Talk about a Surprise! I was thrilled that they were coming and on the way, but HELLL-LOOOOW couldn't I have had at least a few days notice to prepare... over a weekend perhaps? Jackson, MS is only a few hours from here and sure enough they arrived in about 4.5 hours. :P

Well, I guess technically I did have a warning.. for the past few weeks when I talked to them on the phone, they have been telling me that they were itching to come see the kids... and told me of their busy schedules of coming and goings.... and said that there was no way they could come before the 10th...

so I knew NOT to expect them before the 10th... but to show up on the 12! boy they were not foolin! :cP
They didn't stay the whole week - just arrived Monday afternoon after driving a full 16 hours... and then went back the same way Thursday/Friday... we said our good byes at bedtime Thursday and I joked that I may bump into them on their way out as they planned to get up between 1-2am and leave.

.....and wouldn't you know it, Paul Thomas cried out around 1:05am and as I was going to his room I noticed the light on under the door of the guest bathroom... and as I held him rocking him back to sleep I heard them leaving. I regretted not getting to tell them one last time "love you, bye, have a safe drive..." so I spent the next 30-45 minutes praying for them as I tried to get Paul Thomas back to sleep.

What a wonderful couple they are and how very grateful I am for each of them and what they mean to me!!! I am so glad that they have one another. They sure are very happy together and love one another very much.

The next time we see them will be when we go home for the 4th of July. :)

Love from Texas!

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  1. good thing I just finished sewing togetehr those friendship star blocks on Mother's Day...so that the guest bed was already cleared off! :c) ~bonnie


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