Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wearing Make up to the Farm!

OK not quilt related at all but I have to share......here is a photo of me and the babies taken during Fun Friday Farm Day with Nora's preschool...and I wanted to share with all of you.

Lookie at me, wow, I do still remember how to apply makeup after all! :) LOL I know several of my girlfriends have been wondering lately if they'd ever see me in mascara again! Why I choose to wear makeup to the farm playdate is beyond me...? I don't know... guess I was running early and had the time! LOL

....and I'm pretty sure they have given up on seeing my hair fixed in anything other than a pony tail... at least while Paul Thomas is still at the holding stage. Maybe one of these days I will surprise them and do pigtails! LOL :P

... naaa.... that would defeat the whole purpose...he'd have double the chances of grabbing hold and taking a big ole yank! I'm loosing enough hair as it is without his help.

More and more brown is falling out and brad new shiny wirey GREY ones are goring in! :P I wonder how fast/slow this process will take? My mom was completely WHITE HEADED not grey... WHITE (like cool whip white) all of my life. Which for a kid lost in K-mart it made her pretty easy to spot above the clothes racks. :c)
Although more than a million times we were asked if I was her granddaughter... and her reply "She's a granddaughter, but I'm not the grandma!" which my mom thought was fun b/c it stumped people and left them confused...

She had me at age 38. I will soon be 34 in July and I can't imagine being all white in just a matter of 4 years! YIKES! :P

And if my mother were still living she would die if she knew that since moving to the armpit of America, uham, I mean South East Texas, make up is optional for me... very OPTIONAL! She "put on her face" every day of her life within an hour or so after getting out of bed.

I think I was the only 7th grader in my school who's mom wanted them to wear make up and there's no telling how many times she told me to "go put on more blush b/c I looked too washed out" while my father had just 2 seconds before told me to go wipe some of my make up off before leaving the house... so what did I do? Walk to the hallway, out of site, count to about 50 or 60 then reappear and everyone was happy.... except me.

Love from Texas,


NTS (note to self)..........gotta figure out those fancy smancy signature lines one of these days...


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