Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whew -Has it been 20 days already???

Yep, 20 days ago today we had eight people yelling for joy as they were coverall winners in the HGTV 3rd annual Fat Quarter Bingo that I host each year.

A few days before that 4 people tied for the outside boarder earning them 10FQs each - leaving 286 fqs EACH for the other 8 main jackpot winners!!!!
anyway... today I shipped them off!!! yeah! they are outta here! what a relief! I can now have my dining room back and maybe even set up my sewing machine in there so it will be downstairs where we are most of the time.. so the baby gate climb over to the changing table in there will continue after all *sigh*

here's a photo of 3 winners jackpots... I only wish I had taken a photo of the 3 diaper boxes I loaded first...now, back into the house for the last 2 plus the small box of FQs to the boarder winners...

and here is everything stuffed in the back of the van... OK, got Olivia baby check (her car seat handle is peaking up on the right side) no handle on the left - oh yeah, PT is still in the house strapped in his booster chair... that was the only way to keep him out of the way... gotta go in and get him... ;)

and then at the Mailbox & More store this was the lady who was so very helpful to me!!! She didn't know I was taking her photo... see those boxes... they were cheaper to use than the long oblong diaper boxes... postage rates are so crazy now a days with the last changes in rates... and now sizes of boxes make the price higher too! urgh!
Last year it cost me $238 to ship 1600 FQs to 9 people all in USA. ==$0.14/fq
This year it cost me $425 to ship 2332 FQs to 12 people with one in Canada == $0.18/fq
(NTS: will have to adjust the cost to play for next years game)

It took us working together just under 2 hours to repack all the fabrics and package up and fill out those pesky little 3 ply shipping forms to each winner (NTS: next year, stop in and pick up blank ones and fill out at home before going in) all the while Olivia was the bestest baby in the whole wide world and her brother - quite the opposite. You would have thought I had strapped him into a straight jacket and he was trying with all his might to get out the whole time. And Nora was at preschool.

Packages left Texas and are headed all over the country and even one box out of country! They are headed for:

Tofield, AB CANADA
Canton, GA
Deltona, FL
Tamarac, FL
West Branch, MI
Lewiston, MN
Epsom, NH
Farmington, NM
Batavia, NY
Ithaca, NY
Nashville, TN
Tacoma, WA
and if any of them get "returned to sender" don't look for me to resend them - I will take that as my sign that they belong with me... you know love it set it free... if it comes back it was meant to be... *giggle, giggle* :)
Love from Texas! ~bonnie


  1. I wasn't part of the bingo game, but certainly do admire all the work you did with this project. Sounds like fun!

  2. Hi Bonnie~

    Thanks for visiting me! :-)

    One of these days I hope to snag enough time on the computer to make a sidebar of links too. ;-) I'm kinda slow and need to be sewing. LOL!

    Hugs from the westside~ far west that is! :-)

  3. I'm so glad you introduced yourself on my blog. I am having fun reading your posts and look forward to reading future posts. I visited Texas for the first time last year and LOVED the people and the state. You are so lucky to live there. :-)

  4. Oh WOW, that sure does look like lots of fabric (and work!!!). There are going to be some very happy people at their mailboxes this week. Your organizational skills on top of parenting 3 busy ones (they are getting soooo big!)is so admirable!!!



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