Friday, May 23, 2008

Unplanned trip to Joann's today!

5 quarter yard cuts of fabric.. and a package of hair bows...

Trip to Joann's for under $10

Can you believe it?? I spent less than $10 yesterday at Joann's. I'm so proud of me!! It wasn't a planned trip and really there wasn't a thing that I NEEDED... so why go? you ask...

well Nora had an "end of the school year party" at Chunk-E-Cheese today over in the big town next to us... and her teacher aka my best friend Heidi... also a quilter - hence the BF part ;) said that she was planning to go after chunk-E-cheese (it's just across the street) and asked if I wanted to go with her.... well OF Course! :P

At first I thought I'd look for something patriotic for a backing for my new found treasure Log Cabin aka "Stinky Quilt." They are bound to have RWB fabrics on sale right? since it is almost Memorial Day...

...well indeed they did! Here are two fabrics I debated over for the backing for my mom's Log Cabin Quilt...

not the actual one I saw but the closest fabric on their website I could find to show you - at the store it had flags on royal not navy and had words written behind the flags - I think the pledge or maybe words to the National anthem? I don't remember exactly...

and then there was this fabric I really, really liked... vintage looking... I thought would match the colors well - although I didn't have mom's top with me to really compare.

so which did I choose? NEITHER! I remembered how "good I've been" at not buying fabric and also the 4 yards of the "will do" and FREE fabric that was with the quilt top in the box... and decided not to buy anything and make do with the checked. ;)

however, now i am worried what the quilting will look like all over that checked backing - it is a white background...?
and look what I opened the back hatch to see when we got home... ahhh my sweet little angels :)
and Big Sister helping to check the mail :)
aahhh, I love bein a mom! :)
Have a Happy Weekend! ~bonnie


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