Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sewing on Sunday!!!

Sunday 5/11/08
Well, lookie at what I did today ;) I got my Friendship Star Siggy blocks into a top! :) ...or rather almost a top - as i think I will be much happier with it for snuggling on the sofa if it were at least one or two rows longer. What good is a quilt for the sofa if you can't tuck your feet in and also bring it up to your chin?

Actually, last Tuesday (5/6) by some unknown MIRACLE I got bot twins to sleep at the SAME time for their afternoon naps and Nora insisted on watching TV downstairs "all by myself" so I got some ALONE TIME all to myself in the sewing room!!! That is when I got all the blocks into rows and then rows sewn into sets of 2 rows each.

So today all that was left was pinning the sets of two rows - didn't take long and good thing b/c i didn't get "long" in the sewing room. You'd think that for Mother's Day I could get a full 2-3 hours in the sewing room but guess who can't stay awake to watch them play! Seems if dh's hinny is on the sofa his eyes soon shut and then he is snoring... urgh!

Anyway, I am happy with what little time I did have - I am not one step closer. I just now need to figure out how to get some more siggys. I think I will send 3.5" squares in the mail with a SASE and have some other HGTV friends sign them and then make up more scrappy star blocks. The hardest part will be figuring out who to send to - there are a few that come to mind that I don't have in this already - as not everyone participated in this swap.

Some past hostesses that I have swapped with or HGTV members that have swapped with my noodles or mini 9 patches... or even the past FQ Bingo winners... that should be a good start in another 12 or so blocks ;)

and I have a plan for my snowball blocks too - I wanted to do a boarder - but I don't' have near enough.. and plus I think these snowballs look their best when chunked up to one another and so I am thinking I will include them in the backing...? I'll have to wait and see what works as I get closer to that point. :) The photo of snowballs are from a snowball block swap I hosted on the HGTV board way back in May 2006! eek that was TWO YEARS AGO!!!

Did I mention how I use to be a swap-a-holic... when I first found the HGTV board? LOL I also have some more stray snowballs that are signed from various HGTV friends - they sent to me as hostess gifts b/c they knew I was collecting them.. I will have to hunt for them and take a count of how many and from who. ;) and take a photo...

Well that is about it for now. Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Love from Texas!! ~bonnie


  1. Bonnie, your quilts are just lovely, especially with Nora in the picture. Glad to read you had some "alone" time. As much as we love our kids, we sure need some "alone time" once in awhile.
    I know about the "swaps", I still have 2 swap packages waiting for me. LOL

  2. Your siggies are looking good and Nora is so cute. I think I see my snowball. Has it really been 2 years?

  3. Pretty quilt, darling little girl, and congrats for actually having some time for YOURSELF!

    Love seeing those pretty children!

  4. You have made more progress on your snowball blocks than I have-mine are still in a pile! I am thrilled to see my block in your quilt.

    Mary S in OK

  5. I love the friendship stars quilt... and your little model standing in front of it is cute too!

  6. Love the snowball block - it just makes a beautiful quilt! But the child, that's the true beauty. What a doll!!!!!


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