Thursday, June 17, 2010

3rd Thursday and I'm ready to go, go, GO!

While waiting on David to get home from work so I can leave - I thought I'd write up a quick post... tonight is GUILD night and it's my 3rd one to go to! ;)

Remember all those scraps thrown out across my day planner earlier this week... Well her's what I came up with. Ta-Da! :) very "home-made-y" lookin compared to all the other guild member's name badges, but I like it ;) With a "stitched" badge I'll be qualified to win a door prize if I'm lucky enough to be drawn!

Who's that girl WHO stays up so late.... Who me? Whooooo Me?

So the notification I received by email earlier this week said that members who have joined the quilt guild recently would be having their photo taken at this month's meeting... for their member directory. Sadly I didn't get to fancy myself up with make up this month... b/c I'm sporting a VERY RED face! Yep I'm sun burnt. as in STOP SIGN RED color. :/ Standing in my closet I asked myself what color goes best with SUNBURN? :P

My forehead matches my Crate Myrtle tree - and my nose is even redder! LOL :P

Can you believe that I've not been swimming in the past 3 years... but as of last weekend the kids and I joined David in Galveston and swam in the hotel pool -and then this week, the kids and I went swimming two times back to back . That's a total of 4 swimming days since last Friday!!

My back, shoulders, nose and face are COOKED!

THANKFULLY none of the kids are burned. I had 2 cans of that spray on sunscreen - which by the way I should warn you - it does WORK GREAT but it will DISCOLOR any of your clothing that it comes in contact with. David ruined 3 or 4 of his good shirts spraying his neck and arms.... anyway - both cans were nearly empty - and I had just enough to cover all of the kids first... then when I got to myself (you know us mom's are always last for a reason right) - the only thing coming out of the can must have been just alcohol, b/c I sprayed and sprayed and rubbed and rubbed - but I'm the only one who got burnt while we were in Galveston.

Then Wednesday at the pool - the 2nd almost empty can was a repeat... Kids were covered and protected but nothing left for me. Thankfully today I was able to borrow some from the other mom's but really I should have just swam with a shirt on. Again, the kids are not burnt at all PTL. ;) (Praise the Lord)

anyway back to tonight... I bet you are wondering what I'm taking for Show-N-Tell right?

The past two months both guest speakers have shown several Round Robins in their trunk shows - and there is even some interest between the night members of participating in a "Nesting Robin" one that each person works on all their-self following guidelines from a group coordinator.... never working on each others or passing around but doing what they say to do on each round... Well I highly DOUBT I'll be signing up for that - although it will be fun to see everyone else work on theirs - but I've been there done that and even though it was at the very beginning of my quilting years... I just don't think it's my thing.

my "Texas Treasures" quilt. I participated in my first and last Round Robin Quilt Challenge back when I first stared quilting after moving to Texas... 2006-07. I didn't know enough to know that I didn't know what I was getting into!

I posted about all of this years ago - but if you'd like to revisit those posts and their photos CLICK HERE. All the quilts I got to participate and work on were all beautiful! However, I felt like the underdog. :P

Nevertheless - I thought I'd pack up my end result of the Round Robin and take to show. I do love how it turned out and it is soooo supper comfy to use on the sofa. :) I've already washed it 3 or 4 times since I bound it earlier this year. It sat as a Top in the closet for a few years before I got it long-armed - so now it seems all new again ;)

See the black kitty and the white kitty in the corner? I still think this bird house needs a black hold appliqued onto it......one day - when I learn how to applique perhaps... or learn how to use my Yo-Yo maker LisaTX gifted me with.... one day, one day soon... as there is a road trip coming up to KY soon....

Here's a photo of it all folded up and peeking out of my "UGLY" bag. It sure does a great job of holding A LOT and keeping it hidden until time to show ;)

I also had this tote to take with me - since I needed to make a stop by Joann's while over in the bigger town tonight. I needed thread to match that blue background on the Dora fabric for a project and also some thread to match the fabric in the baggie..... JoAnn's here I come!

This is one of my favorite tote bags that I my friend Tracie helped me make when I lived in GA. Forever ago. She did all the work really. She'd lay it in front of me and say - "Now sew here" and then did more work and I did more sewing... I really could not remake one if my life depended on it. I have no clue how to read patterns. And it even has a ZIPPERED pocket inside! My only zipper ever! :P I can't believe it still has SOME beads left on that strip of trim b/c I've carried it for at least 6 or 7 years now... still looks great!

Well look what greeted me when I walked back into the house from checking the mailbox and taking the photos of my RR outside.... my youngest daughter... Olivia has her doll baby all bundled up and is ready to go. That photo on the right just makes my heart swell up. Her hands clasped together over her own heart looking right into my eyes....too cute! ;) I'm so blessed.

Well stay tuned -I've got my camera in my pocket and will try to take some pics tonight to share. ;) Now just waiting on David to get home - so I can go, go, GO!

Love from Texas!


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