Friday, March 18, 2011

3rd Thursday

Last month was the first guild meeting that I've missed since joining last summer. Nora started softball last month and that has really eaten up a lot of our time. Not only do they have practice each week - their regular games are played DURING the week... yep, some school nights our game doesn't even begin until 7:30..... but that's not the worst of it.

Every weekend between now and early May, they participate in TOURNAMENTS! Which are all OUT of town! and are on BOTH Saturday AND Sunday :/ urgh.
Anyway enough about that.

Each month I have the 3rd week off from teaching preschool so that I can attend the local MOPS group. (Mother's of Preschoolers) Tuesday this week I went to the grocery ALONE! Whooo hooo :) and today's highlight of my off day was going to MOPS. This year we've had fun with secret sisters. ;) While the gift budget is only $5/month, it's not required to do something every month... you can hold off and do something a little more $ in other months.

Well my sister has been holding off a couple of months and guess what she gave me today!! My gift bag had 3 bubble blowing tube/wands - one for each of my kidos and also 3 chocolate candy bars that the ball teams have been selling (which may or may not be a clue to who she is) and.... a tiny little pink gift bag inside with these goodies...

Can you guess?

I you guessed a gift card, you'd be correct!!! $15 to Hobby Lobby and my thrifty secret sister also included a 40% off one item coupon! ♥ Love ♥ it!

Thank you Secret Sister!!!

Also today was the twin's picture day for T-ball.... CLICK HERE to see photos on the family blog. David met us there after work and it was a mad dash to get them changed into their new uniforms... but following photo taking we left separately - this time David in the van with the kids to take home and me driving his truck to the QUILT GUILD Meeting! :)

Have you heard of BOLD OVER BATIKS?

They're sold in 2.5 yard pieces and are unlike no other batik I've ever seen before. So pretty! After the presentation I quickly left so I could make it to Joanns before they closed... since I don't know when I'll be back in town next.

Yesterday Nora brought home 2 more birthday party invitations. Both classmates. Both for girls. Both parties on the SAME day :/ I have no idea how we're gonna work them into the softball schedule??? But on Mary Catherine's it mentioned that both she and her sister had recently adopted kittens from the Humane Society and instead of gifts they'd like a small bag of puppy food or kitty food to donate in honor of their new friends Tippy & Tiny. :)

So I went in search of some cute cat fabric and I think I succeeded in finding the most girly girl fabric don't you think? There were several bolts with black background and while cute they just didn't have that fun factor I was looking for. This does I think :)

I bought enough to make two pillowcases. One for Mary Catherine and also her younger sister Madeleine, who's also born the same week and sharing in the party with friends her age.

I wanted to buy fun fabrics for the other Birthday party girl Sara... but didn't see any colorful critters - I've been told she has a bearded dragon at home! yikes! I have until the 26th so maybe I'll get to make a trip to the LQS soon in search of something perfect for Sara....

I'm thinking for these two kitty pillowcases I'll get them cut, layered and pinned and let NORA do the sewing.... :) This will be her first time at the sewing machine and I think she will be proud to make her gifts for her friends. I just don't know when we'll have time to work it in... *sigh* I just got a phone call from David that instead of playing Sat and Sun this weekend... we're playing TONIGHT and Sat. Tonight as in be there (out of town) by 7:15 and game doesn't begin until 7:45. We won't be home until after 9:30. :( Booo!

Just this morning she was asking me - "Mom you know what is better than T.G.I.F.??? ---What's that Nora? Today is my FREE day and I don't have to go anywhere day and can finally play my new Leapster Explorer after I get home from school."

Someone please tell me why Texan's start out at 3 years old training their kids for sports??? Why does it have to be over the top crazy competitive? Why can't they just stick to one practice a week and one game on the weekends? Why didn't anyone tell us this before we paid to sign up??? :(

Have I mentioned that hubby bought and ordered a treadmill in February... as a matter of fact it was delivered on our 14th anniversary (2/21) and is STILL sitting in the box in the same spot the UPS man put it.... and so would have my Olivia boxes be still sitting if Heather from their home office hadn't called asking for a photo to share with their facebook fans...to prove that they really are giving things away. David got to it that weekend but has had NO time for putting together the treadmill yet :(

on an upbeat - guess what my favorite part of Guild night was tonight??? At the cutting table in Joann's I met Lisa, a girl around my age that had also been to the guild meeting as a first time guest :) I noticed her cut fabrics and how feminine, soft and pretty they were and made a compliment and we striked up a little conversation. :)

At the checkout we continued talking a bit and come to find out she's like me - the mom of twins! Her twin boys are 16 months and she has a 2.5 year old. I really hope she remembers me and will email me... and even more I hope that she can join the guild and come every month and start to cherish 3rd Thursdays :) like I do!

Love from Texas!

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  1. Glad to see somebody else has gas-plants in their backyard!

    I like the pillowcase fabric. I'm going to check out your sausage pillowcase method too.


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