Monday, March 14, 2011

Shirts - what sizes do I need?

Recently I read where Jo was making a list of all the sizes needed for Bonnie's Scraps & Shirttails patterns. (CLICK HERE to her post that has a link to her list of sizes.)

I thought - hey what a good idea. As I cut for my Hand Me Down blocks, I can also cut up odd sizes to set aside for other patterns with the leftovers. So I got out my Dry-Erase Board to wipe off to make a quick list of what I needed.... only it would not wipe off. :(

I guess I took too long to complete my to-do list ea? I'm guessing I can Windex it off - or if that doesn't work use one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erase Sponges... Until then I guess I'll have to keep my size reminders with post-it's.

Love from Texas!

1 comment:

  1. I'm enjoying browsing your blog and I love your scrap quilts!! I clean my dry-erase board with rubbing alcohol.


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