Friday, March 18, 2011

Know what? No. What?

The title above was the opening of one of Nora's recent books and she thinks it's so clever that now she begins e-v-e-r-y conversation with me like that.
Nora - "Mom, Know what?"
Me - "No.... What?"
Well here I am asking you.... Know what? :)

In celebration of National Quilting Day, Such A Sew and Sew is giving away an awesome loot ----> that you see in the photo on the right!

Around 10.5 yards AND a book - yep, it's all that and a bag of chips! :P

Hurry and Check it out b/c the entry deadline is tonight!!!

PS - Wanna know how I found out about this??? I'll share a little clever tip with you that I just discovered. I read/look at my blog list using GOOGLE READER (which I highly recommend!! No more worries about computer crashing and loosing your bookmarks... you can log into to Google Reader from any computer anytime and pick up where you left off)

BUT the reason I mention it is - yesterday for the first time ever - I notice the Google Reader SEARCH bar at the top and I simply entered in giveaway and hit enter..... and you know what - every blog hosting a giveaway that I subscribe/follow popped up!!!!!!! So go see for yourself and then hop blog to blog to see what's up for grabs and get signed up to win! :P I wonder if I'm like the last person to figure this out?? But it's cool.

Love from Texas!


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