Friday, March 4, 2011

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Guess who's Birthday we celebrated yesterday at preschool.. Yep, you guessed it Dr. Seuss! Aren't these the cutest "Thing 1 and Thing 2" you have ever seen? :)

I took about 4 dozen photos in less than 2 minutes and then gave up. Apparently they've learned that sticking their tongues out is SILLY... or so THEY think it is anyway. :P

Tounge in or tounge out, no matter what you do...

Mommy still loves her "Thing 1 and Thing 2"

...and speaking of a thing 1 and thing 2... here's 2 things that arrived Monday that have been just hanging out at the top of the stairs... You might not have heard, but recently on facebook, I won a sewing table from Arrow Sewing Cabinets!

As in FOR FREE!!! Yippee!

However things have been on the go, go, GO so much with the kids - Girl Scouts, Jazz, Softball Practice, the twins' T-ball practice, and CCD on Wednesday nights... Softball games here in town, plus OUT OF TOWN Softball tournaments each weekend (Both Sat & Sun) and then throw in homework into the mix... and well you get the picture.... NO Free time!

Next week is Spring Break around here, which means all the above listed activities for the kids are not meeting next week.... *sigh* so I'm hopeful that in the next week we can work on getting my new "Olivia" cabinet put together and moved into the sewing room!

(Light off) (Light on)

I just love the back wall painted green - I did that MYSELF one night last weekend and I plan to sit the new sewing cabinet right about where the bed use to sit. For now, Paul Thomas has his ironing board set up there...

Stay Tuned!

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh wow you new sewing room is going to be SEW nice!

  2. Hey Bonnie-
    I was a follower of your blog and I don't know what happened that I came up missing. I just hit the follow button again. geez...

    Girl, I love the color of the wall. You did a great job! I can't wait to see how your room is gonna look when you get your new table up. You will really feel like sewing then :) Just wanted to shout at ya. I did update my blog after talking to you today, but will have to do some back dating soon, cause all of that certainly didn't happen today :) Oh, DH did make my FQ shelf today :) TTYS


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