Thursday, March 17, 2011

My first sausage pillowcase!

Remember that youTube "sausage pillow" search I sent you on yesterday... well take a look at what I worked on last night (after midnight I might add...)

Seriously.... despite what you're about to read below - this was THE. easiest. project. ever! The only part that takes some time is lining up all the edges and pinning and pinning... and .... you get the idea - but that's not hard... :)

And off I go - on my NEW "Olivia" Arrow Sewing Cabinet which I la,la,LOVE!!! Weee....slow for a pin, Weee...slow for a pin.... all the way to the end. Then time to pull the "sausage" out of the tube. Easy Peasy!

All was going great. Just as I had remembered from watching the video. Pull, pull, pull... and then I noticed something.

I have to be honest - I shouted, "CRAP!" (but not too loud the kids are sleepin next door) When I noticed that I had pulled out of my tube and discovered the wrong side of the pink fabric attached to the right side of the stripe fabric. :(

I immediately stopped pulling and stuffed it back then began frog stitchin - rip it, rip it... that whole 44" seam. :( What did I do wrong? So I went back downstairs to rewatch the youTube video again... in hindsight, I should have went and rewatched BEFORE using the seam ripper.... b/c can you guess what...

I had actually sewn it CORRECTLY!!!!!!! :/ Yep, all that rippin just to put it back exactly how I had before and RESEW. Remind me to not sew anything after midnight again please!

Good thing all those thready, ravely edges will be completely hidden when I finish! :)

Yep - it's suppose to look like this - cuff right side showing and the body of the pillow (my pink) wrong side showing... b/c what you're actually looking at is the what will be the INSIDE of the pillow! :P

What matters is the other side - the side with your accent trim strip. If all the fabrics on this side are right side up then you're GOOD TO GO JOE! ;)

Just two more seams to sew.... pretty side up sew .25" seam down the long side and pivot and sew across the bottom.... then press and then trim with your rotary cutter and ruler 1/8th" off the seam you just sewed... then turn inside out and resew another .25" seam (French Seam) and turn again and your DONE BABY! :P

For me it was goin on 2:30am... yeah I know. I know. and trust me I paid for it today. But oh what a great feeling to take it and put it on the pillow beside Nora sleeping in her Queen sized bed..... and this morning when she woke up and saw it! :) "OH THANK YOU MOMMA!!!!!!!!" as she squeezed my neck good morning!

Yep, totally worth it :) My only regret? Not having the camera with me this morning to get a photo of her with it. Well maybe 2 regrets... I regret ripping that 44" seam...

So don't make the mistake I did. OK? :) OK!

Love from Texas!

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