Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thank you Dana & Amy Ellis!

Do you know Dana from The Old Red Barn Co. I don't really know her either - but she's whatcha call a blogger friend and I also have her as a friend on facebook now. A few years back I found her blog and instantly fell in love.

Her music was so cool that some day's I'd pull up her blog just to hear her song list play as I read email. :P Her photos are awesome - how she ever trained her two beautiful daughters to stare DIRECTLY into the camera is beyond me. I'm lucky if I can even get the front side of my wild ones.

Oh and she also gives great tutorials, and often has giveaways... we're talkin QUILT giveaway for "just because." And my favorite posts are those that include youTube videos of her girls Cloggin! :) I grew up clogging and soooo wish we lived in an area that had cloggers. I'd jump right back into it if I could!

Well - the reason for this post is to THANK DANA for randomly drawing my name in her recent giveaway! Amy Ellis sponsored Modern Basics Blog Tour to celebrate her book release. There's a list of about a dozen blogs giving away a copy... still going on if you hurry!

Wanna chance to win a copy - hurry over to these two blogs and leave a comment for their drawings! Fat Quarterly on March 4th and visit Amylouwho on March 5th

Thanks Dana for drawing - and THANK YOU Amy for Signing my copy! ♥

Love from Texas!

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  1. You are really on a wining streak. Make sure you to the Lottery this weekend for #3.



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