Sunday, June 19, 2011

current Projects

Some of you might remember the pillow cases I made for each of my kids for Easter. Well now it seems I can't go to walmart with them and not go down the isle with the fabrics.  They all think they *must* show me and pick out their most favorite fabrics... and they do! :)  So here's a look at what I'm working on for their belated birthday gifts. 
Not sure if I'll make up the one with Barbie fabrics for Nora or not since she's YET to even like even one single pillow case I've made for her :/  She says, "They're just not as soft Momma" and to that I can't argue with that...  So for now I'll just enjoy that the twins both la,la,love anything I make them for their beds! :)  Aren't these robots too cute!!!  and lesson learned on the directional fabric of the Carebears... but Olivia will never notice :)

And since JudyL's Design Wall Monday is just around the corner - her's a look at whats still on my design wall and floor...  both projects that seem to be taking me forever to finish up....


I keep reminding myself that it doesn't matter how long it takes to get it done... just matters that I get them done! Right?

Love from Texas!


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