Monday, June 20, 2011

Judy Moody is IN THE HOUSE!! TY Abbey & Michael!!

 An early Birthday Package arrived this week from Nora's Godparents in Mississippi.  

I kinda already knew what might be inside because Abbey had emailed to ask me which Judy Moody book Nora had recently finished.   There are 9 in the series and she's read 1-5 already this summer.
Now she not only has the next book #6, but also #7 ALSO!!!  
"DOUBLE RARE!" said Nora after she opened them. :)

Talk about wasting no time... after I took photos of her opening her present, she immediately cracked open book 6 and started reading and already had about half of it read before supper time!  I love reading and I'm so proud that she loves it too!!!   

 Perfect Gift Abbey & Michael!!! 
Double Thanks!

Love from Texas!


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