Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the Mood to Read!

Yesterday I blogged about PT and his adventure with the claw truck before going to the library.  Well today I want to share with you about Nora's book she picked out.

Together we read the first book in the Judy Moody series last week, so yesterday when she spotted them at the library she grabbed book #2 and sat down and started reading while I followed behind the twins around the children's room.
but Nora picked up this title today and dove right in and read it all around town and while driving home. She's already on page 98 and only 2 more chapters to go! She came right in from the van and into the house to a comfy chair and wants to finish it. :) Guess we'll be visiting the library again tomorrow to pick up book #3
For several months now I've been giving her a nickel for each book she reads but today I gave her a DIME and you should have seen her eyes!!! I told her that it was because she read this chapter book all in one day and she was so excited skipping up the stairs to go put it in her piggy bank. She has already asked if we can take her library book back tomorrow and go check out #3 in the series. :)  
Nora gives 2 thumbs up for the 2nd Judy Moody book!

I love my READER!

Love from Texas!

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  1. What a delightful post, Nora has grown up right before our eyes. She should be well encouraged to read, good for you! :)


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