Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet my NOOK Color Mother's Day Gift

Do you remember me mentioning that I received a NOOK Color for my Mother's Day gift this year??  And that I'd blog about it later... well today while looking through my photo album on the computer I found the ones I took during the first minutes after buying my Nook! ;)

It was no secret, I was with David and the kids when he bought it.  I knew what I was getting b/c on Friday David flat out asked me, "Would you rather get a new cell phone?? or a Nook?  or both??"

A NOOK!!  I'd la,la,love to have a Nook please! :)  I've downloaded their free app for both my blackberry and laptop and have been reading free books on them since Christmas, but a NOOK?  REALLY???


What I didn't already know about the Nook - was HOW COOL the BOX it came it was gonna be! I played with the magnetic flip top lid all the way home! :P  And did I mention, that before we left the house David did some looking on line and found out that Best Buy now sells both the Nook and also Amazon's Kindle... and that the advantage to buying from Best Buy was that during Mother's Day weekend, they were giving a $25 Best Buy card with it!!  Ch-Ching! 

it's a rebate sorta thing that I'll have to wait a couple weeks for it to arrive in the mail - but that's OK. I can wait.  When it comes I'll head back to Best Buy and pick out a Nook Cover for it. :)

Do you read books with a Nook?  Do you know about the NOOK DEALS BLOG??

They post book reviews and feature books that are very low priced or for FREE??  Sometimes the publisher lets them post the book for free for only 24-48 hours at a time! So I added that blog to my Google Reader so I can stay up to date on when they post something new.  It's a great place to shop. Lots of variety! They also have a Nook Deals Page on facebook if you'd rather stay updated that way.

Here are a few I recently downloaded to add to my Nook.
June Bug
Miss You Most of All
Life's a Beach

Hope you find several good reads! :)

Love from Texas!


  1. Yay for you! I'll admit to being just a smidge jealous - with all my travel for work, a Nook would be SOOO handy. Enjoy!

  2. I love my kindle!
    Check this blog out as it also shows free\cheap books for Nook



  3. Hey Bonnie...Did you know that some libraries now have internet "libraries" where you can download books or listen to audiobooks. My library allows you to put them on a Nook. I keep thinking that I want a Nook but I'm listen to so many books that I don't know how much I'd use it. I'm glad you like yours.


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