Monday, June 13, 2011

Six Bucks a Book at the Martingale Warehouse Sale!

I received an email over the weekend, and also saw it on facebook today.  Martingale Company is having a Warehouse Sale and all books listed are only $6.  The sale only lasts for 3 days and I'm thinking today might be the last day...? so better click on over and check it out!

The shopping begins now and supplies are limited, so make your selections quickly. It's the perfect time to pick up inspiring books for yourself and your friends. Normal shipping charges apply, but as always, buy three and the shipping's FREE!**

So when I saw that, in stead of getting the two books I wanted most, I picked a third!  3 books for just $18 no shipping!! What a deal! :)  These are the three I bought.  What about you?

Love from Texas!


  1. Great picks for a great deal! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I already had the Creating the perfect Space book (paid a lot more than $6 for it!), but I saw that Twin Peaks book and another one that I liked so put them in my shopping cart. Then I read that the shipping was free with 3 book purchase and since shipping was about $6+ otherwise, ordered a 3rd book!! Whoo Hoo!! Thanks (I think- lol!)for the head's up!


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