Tuesday, June 7, 2011

not just for reading NOOK books - for reading my favorite blogs too!

Tired of hearing about the books I've downloaded or plan to read soon on my New Nook Color?

Well how about something QUILT related. ;) Take a look at the 3 blogs I've bookmarked on my Nook. They are the ones I check, and have checked in on EVERY DAY for the past... oh 5 years or so. Give or take a month. ;)


Don't they show up great!  and I can zoom in to make the words larger and just like reading form the computer I can tap the photos to open them up and see them larger too!  Now my 3 favorite bloggers are at my finger tips daily! :)  Do you recognize them?  On the Left is, JudyL at Patchwork Times, in the center is Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville and the one on the right is MaryJ from Mary Quilts.

They are my Go-To-Girls and the only 3 that I need to bookmark on my Nook.   Speaking of a go-to-girl... take a look at what I found when I went into the den. :)  Miss Olivia as Sleeping Snow White. Who gave her the poisonous red apple?  :)
Love from Texas!


  1. I'd frame this one...too cute!

  2. That is SO COOL!!! And what an adorable photo!


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