Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm really not a puzzel person

However... my Daddy and Step mom love them! Each week when I talk to them on the phone they tell me about their latest puzzle they are working on. A rooster one week, a mountain landscape the next. Never do they work the same one twice. I can't even remember the last time I worked a jig-saw puzzle!!??!? Probably some 20+ years ago???? And I think before Daddy married Clara it was that long or longer since his last puzzle. ;)

However... for me as a quilter - this is my kind of puzzle! :) Over 700 pieces as a matter of fact!

...and ever since Santa was here I've been learning a NEW kind of puzzle...

Paul Thomas' Geo Track system! He already had the train and then Santa brought him the Car's Radiator Springs Set and a few other accessories... and he's not happy until they all "match."

I will have to say I think these are far more challenging than jig-saws or quilting pieces.... that is if you have TWO 3 year old "helpers" who are very anxious to it to be ready to play with. One is busy bringing you pieces (opposite of what you asked for - a straight when you asked for a curve, or vice versa) just as fast as the other is pretending what you've already laid down is a walking track and is making it come undone. :P It's quite an accomplishment when I make it work so that there are no dead-ends b/c of shortage of track pieces... I feel as proud taking this above photo as I do of a finished quilt! :D

That being said... prepare yourselves to maybe see more photos of finished track layouts on my blog in 2011! haha :P

Love from Texas!


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