Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey Nora... Whatch doin???

"Just washin all these grapes Momma! :)"

What are these crushed up Butterfinger Bars for??

To pour on top of this later after it's chilled overnight or a few hours...

Hummmm what's it called Nora???

"GRAPE Salad and it's GREAT! "

You should try it! :)


2lb. grapes

8 oz. sour cream

8 oz. cream cheese

½ cup sugar

5 mini Butterfingers candy bars

Mix sour cream, cream cheese and sugar together. Make sure it is mixed well. Pour over grapes and stir until all grapes are covered. Chop butterfinger bars and spread on top when ready to serve. YUMMY!!!

Love from Texas!


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