Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday's are JAZZ class!

Each week I make sure I'm one of the first few cars in the school carpool line. I have to get there early b/c I have to pick Nora up ASAP so that we can have enough time to get to dance class and get her changed out of her school uniform and into her tights and leotard.

Do you know how sweaty and stinky a 6 year old's feet can be after a day of school!??! Or how hard it can be to get those moist toesies into tights? We've learned that as soon as she gets into the van it works best for us for her to immediately remove her shoes and socks. It give them about 5 minutes to dry out... and that makes getting ready so much easier!

So now instead of wrestling around in the back of the van taking forever to get ready in the nick of time - all the while trying NOT to wake up the twins if they are sleeping.... we end up with about 10 extra minutes to spare before time to go inside!!! Which makes Nora happy b/c it gives her time to play her new Leapster Explorer that Santa brought to her. She is so funny reminding me to make sure I bring it with me on Tuesdays so she can play it!

This was a day that the twins were indeed asleep so I gave her the check for this month and sent her off on her way to class.... I know... she's looking so big isn't she? Why can't I freeze her at this stage and keep her 6 years old forever!??!

After about 20 minutes the twins woke up and Paul Thomas had to go potty, so we went inside. I even tried to take some photos of her dancing.. but my new camera that David bought me for Christmas is totally different than my old one I'm use to and I don't know what settings work best for movement yet... so those turned out a little blurry. sorry.

Not even a minute after I took these and powered off my camera and stuck it back in my pocket before sitting down to hold Olivia who didn't quite get her nap out... the studio door opens and this is what I see right before my chair!

What!!?! How did I miss that!!?!? I was just standing up looking at you thru the window. How did I miss it?!!?!

Her 5th tooth gone... *sigh* I know she's excited about getting some money from the Tooth Fairy b/c she couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the day. :)

And yes, I know it's JANUARY - and my kids are barely dressed... but it's in the mid -to high 60's here this week. In case you hadn't heard... our part of Texas does not have 4 seasons. We only have 2. SUMMER... and ALMOST SUMMER... :)

Love from Texas!


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