Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They say that somewhere out there it's SNOWING

Snow?? REALLY??? S*N*O*W ??? You mean almost everyone else in the country has some SNOW except for us??? That's not fair! Even with temps in the high 60's, we'll just put on our scarfs and hats that Mimi gave us and pretend it's cold! :P

Don't cha just love how little brother is tippy toeing beside his sister. :) and he's still short.

Before I was at the entrance of our neighborhood I looked in my mirror to find Olivia already fast asleep! and Take a look at little "Nora Look-alike!" Especially when he's looking down...

and I'm glad Nora wasn't with me when I checked the mail today - look what was returned. :( I was sure that the postal workers would see this and forward it on...

Love from Texas!


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