Monday, January 10, 2011

What's Under Your Needle?

Just a little something I worked on today... guess who's joined Girl Scouts? ;)
As I was sewing them down it made me think of an idea. "What's Under Your Needle?" Perhaps bloggers could take just one simple photograph each week and post and share?
I know JudyL already has a design wall Monday weekly post... and other groups do similar... but this could be as revealing or not as revealing as you wanted it to be... kinda like a sneak peek... ooough "Sneak Peek Sunday" that's sounds catchy... although I like the "What's under your Needle?" too.
oh, never mind me and my ideas - just typing as I think. LOL I can't wait to see Nora dressed up tonight in her uniform for the first time! :)
I'll also share with you that I had to fight back some tears as I rounded those curves and stitched... (rather blink hard and look straight down so they'd fall to the floor) This is one of those times I'd give anything to call my mother up on the phone and share with her about what's going on. She did the same for me, sewing on many badges that I earned in Girl Scouts years ago....... bitter sweet ya know?
Love from Texas!

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  1. Bittersweet is OK as it is all about the "memory" time. My mother had a stroke last week and has entered a care center so I'm thinking of the things we will no longer do together. Chanlady


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