Friday, January 14, 2011

Just how much...

I already knew that I was addicted to blogging - more so blog hoppin, readin and lookin than blog posting... but taking this little test (click the pic below to take the test) I realized that I'm more of a blogaholic than I realized! I do think about what would make for a good blog post when I'm away from the computer.... even while taking a shower, and cleaning up after the kids, and even while trying to go to sleep at night! When not blogging, I'm thinking about blogging!

I know...WOW... so if I'm 77% addicted to blogging, then how come it's been like 77 days since I last posted!!?!?!#&*?$!@ I knew that was your initial reaction. Was I right? Would you believe me if I told you that I do have over 77 posts that are pending to be posted... saved as drafts!??!!

Really I do.. and one day I'm gonna get caught up and you'll have lots to scroll down and read. ;) Pinky Promise!!

Well today, like most days, I was visiting my top 5 favorite blogs to check on daily... give or take a few more 20... and saw where Bonnie Hunter posted today about Blogging Addictions. Have you already seen/read it? She offered a challenge:
So! I’m offering up a challenge weekend! This weekend…let’s see what we can sew away from the computer. Let’s try to find a bit of balance. The computer will be here Monday --- are you up for it? Really! Any posts you missed will be here Monday too, you just have to scroll down the page to find them!
Click Bonnie's name above to take you to the whole post... but that challenge was her ending... and you know what - today is the beginning to LONG WEEKEND here at our house. Nora was out of school today and will be out again Monday for MLK day... so I'm logging off the puter for the WHOLE WEEKEND plus Monday!

Yep. I'm really gonna do it...and this includes facebook too - a whole 'nother addiction!! *sigh*

No more of either for the whole long weekend. Just after I add a photo to this post and then go update my status one last time over on fb....

SEWING MACHINE HERE I COME!!!! :) I have to get this project wrapped up SOON b/c a friend has asked to hire me for making something very special for her dear friend...

Happy LONG WEEKEND everyone & Love from Texas!


  1. and just wanted to add that perhaps my score is slightly higher b/c one of the questions asked if you were gonna blog about taking the test and I clicked yes....

    aren't you glad I did click yes, and posted??? I have really missed blogging and will do better about sharing more.

    Happy 2011 everyone! ;) ~bonnie

  2. ummm, one more thing, COKE - are you addicted to that too (look in the last picture you posted - do I see 2 cans)?
    I spent the ENTIRE day this past Monday on the computer, it was sad, very sad as I had a lot of quilty things to do and the next thing I knew, it was almost midnight and I had been up at 7am!

  3. Great post. It's what I just posted about recently too!

  4. I know what you mean Bonnie! But, I'm not ready to give it up...even for a weekend! I did more off of facebook for the most part...only check in every few days, and that is going fine. Some of my groups I only read posts if the topics jump out at me. But, I have to blog myself every day...I love doing it. And I have to check HGTV site, MAP/SAM, and CQI every day...but only post on HGTV regularly.
    So, have a happy weekend...and I'll help hold down the fort out here in blogland!


  5. I miss your blogs as I love "The Land of Blog". (This is my third response this morning to blogs.) Today I am definately sewing away from the computer. Chanlady

  6. Oh I see it was a 'two coke' project too! LOL Love having you back to blogging!

  7. hahaha what you don't know Sandie is there are probably 2 more Cokes on the other end of the table that you don't see! :P

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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