Thursday, April 29, 2010

4-patch progress

Well, I've been itching to host scrappy 4-patch blocks again - they are so easy to make and frequently used in Bonnie Hunter's patterns... that I just feel the need to have another swap so I can build up a variety of 4-patches.

And since I have at least 5 drawers of "noodles" (2.5" strips) in my "Stash User System" that's what I used... you know - use up what you have ;)

I paired up darks with lights. I'll trim them to size later..

It didn't take long to sew them into dark/light pairs and then sub-cut at 2" each... Not everyone pins, but I do... that didn't really take long either... I didn't have time to do the finger press at that time, so I tossed them into this basket and took them with me in the van and did them while waiting on Nora in the school carpool line. ;)

How to sew and press 4patches so that there is very little bulk in the center!

Hummm.. these rectangular patches look interesting don't they? but we need to size them up. It's easy peasy - just line the ruler up to measure 1.75" from the CENTER of the patch... and slice, rotate, slice, rotate, slice... all 4 sides.

again -I used noodles b/c I have TONS of them.. but you can just simply cut your strips at 2" and then not have any trimming ;) I hope this helps you see the variety of colors I used. I think I got around 12-15 of the same 4-patches... so I'm thinking of making sets in 10's for our swap and then you have a few extras to either keep and use or you could throw into another mix/match set to send in for swapping.

Just please only cut one strip of each your fabrics... do not cut 10 of a dark and 10 of a light (same 2 fabrics) and then use that - no. We want variety! ;)

So what's next... I paired up blue/white nickels and sewed into HSTs and cut apart... just need to make a date with that steamy guy in the background and get some homework done for my "My Blue Heaven" blocks for Crazy'boutquilts.

Stay tuned!

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh, boy... it's going to be gorgeous, can't wait to see what you do after your date with your steamy guy! I am such a leader-ender fan that I almost feel guilty if I'm not making more than one quilt at a time anymore! Those four patches are so versatile!!

  2. Bonnie, I'm really interested, I am reading all the info. So, I need to make ten sets of ten, is that right? You are saying you get 10-15 4 patches from a noodle, that is a 2 1/2 strip times the width of fabric? A trade off is sounding fun, but this is a new thing for me. email me! I am sorry about your knee:-{

  3. Okay I'm REALLY showing my lack of knowledge, I do not understand the HGTV message boards, or what a PM is....

  4. Bonnie, I found your blog through the Quiltmaker comment about the star.. and followed you home.~~~

    I don't know what happen to your knee, but if it's icy you need, try using a large zip lock bag for the crushed ice & important to WRAP in a towel. The easy way is double fold the terry & make a bag with Velcro on the ends.

    If at the computer or sewing machine, put a stool or a box with a pillow ON TOP, under the tables, as having your legs up while working helps circulation.

  5. I am up for another 4-patch swap. Love those little beauties...how to we sign up??

  6. I don't know how to PM to sign up for the 4-patch swap either. Can anyone help me with this? I would like to get on the wait list, or at least get signed up for the next swap.


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