Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Few Things That I love

I love these shoes in the window and the little feet they fit.

I love that just one medium sized wash load and all of Nora's School uniforms are clean for the week ;)

I ♥ school uniforms!

I love Cheesy Chicken Crescent and Aunt Nell's Garden Green Beans for supper.

I love it b/c it's a guaranteed meal that I know Nora will eat ALL of! ;) and I love doing our made up "Happy Dance" song after supper.

I love helping out long distance friends by the simple task of making just one quilt block to be used to make that person a quilt.

I love hearing Nora tell me all about their field trip to the botanical garden and how excited she got when she talked about the BIG Bee Hive.

Oh and I love how finding a leftover "sucker from the bank" and giving it to her for no reason, can totally make me The World's Bestest Mommy. ;)

I love that so many friends and family have shared hand-me-down clothes and shoes for my kids and I love that I can load them up and take them to other friends to share the BLESSINGS!

and speaking of Blessings... I love that all of my children know how to pray and do so freely anytime they feel the need. My prayer for each of them is to continuously grow closer to their Father and to have an ever growing desire to honor, obey and glorify Him as they look for their calling on what it is He wants for them in their lives.

I love watching the little ones explore new things. Like roller skating.

OH and I love these curls!

and I la,la,love it when David arrives home before dark!!!

and one last photo to share with you... I love that Nora now reads to us each night ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh my goodness, is David asleep in that last picture? How precious!! I need that recipe for the chicken AND the green beans. It looks awesome!!

  2. Thank you for the reminders of long ago. LOVE the photo of Daddy sleeping. 8-))) Sweet/dear post.

  3. Thanks for the sweet memories of long ago, when my children were small. It's an especially nice post - especially the last photo, with Daddy sleeping. 8-)))

  4. Awww, I can see why you love all of those things!

  5. Oh, what a special blog ,,, so touching and just precious... my youngest GD is 2yo and she says her blessings and knows when she enters the church which pew is theirs...I agree, those are true blessings....have a great day

  6. Love O's curls.. those are so perfect.. and the recipe for the chicken and beans i definitely need.. and the picture of nora reading to her self, or should i say to a sleeping david, is priceless!! Definitely something that happens in our house too :)
    love your blog bonnie.. and love following your kids growing up.. hoping to one day meet them in person!!!

  7. Sweet memories and thanks for sharing. Beautiful post!


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