Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leaders/Enders what are they good for?

Well I can not believe it!!! See, while trying to go back thru my blog to add a link to when I got my copy of Bonnie Hunter's "Adventures with Leaders & Enders" book for Valentine's Day - I discovered that I never posted about it! WHAAAAT? How did that not happen??

Oh, I know... that's b/c my Dad and Clara were here visiting with us ... and there were more important things to take photos of ;) You know like the "Tic-Tac-Toe" competition! :P


Anyway, a while back, I hosted a swap for scrappy 4-patches when I was working on Bonnie's "Christmas Lights" mystery pattern published in Quiltmaker Magazine last summer. Perhaps you will recall - that was also around the same time we were having some repair work done in the dining room and I had to swap units on my dining room table while parked in the middle of the computer room... :P

Well I've been thinking of hosting again... what's not to love about this quilt that I made using all of those swapped scrappies! (Christmas Lights)

Well, since I've got my brain to thinking about hosting again... I'm trying to tell myself that it's not really a "swap" swap... but that these are just UNITS that I need to have on hand so that I can begin some of the patterns on my wish list...

I've already pulled some dark and light strips....

I also thought I should do a little investigating around QUILTVILLE.COM and make a list of all the patterns that use scrappy 4-patch blocks to share with my swappers who get signed up for this. Last time when I swapped, it was my smallest ever swap that I've ever hosted - perhaps b/c at the time readers thought the units were only for making the mystery at that time...

and so I wanted to show that these units are soooo versatile and can be used for many patters - here is the list I came up with! ;) I'll share here with all of you too!

I'd really like to host this type of swap on the quiltvilleswappers yahoo group but over there they seem to have their exclusive hostesses and oddly they swap mostly just fabrics rather than blocks or units. humph.

Nevertheless - I have a great group of swapping friends over at the HGTV Quilter's board who I have had great experiences with the past 5 years... so that will suit me just fine ;) and sometimes I get contacted by blog readers who want to participate in either my swaps or bingo game - so I'll go ahead and include the link to where I'm taking signups for this Scrappy 4-patch swap over at the HGTV Boards ;)

Hope you will join us! Guess I better get back to my strips!

Love from Texas!


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