Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Special Package for Olivia

Of course there was one last package left in the box for Olivia who was upstairs napping while the other 2 opened their quilts. Can you believe that Olivia was up at 2am and 3 am while driving back home!!??! she did finally go to sleep but when we stopped for breakfast we had to wake her up and then after that she never napped all day... so pulling into the drive way at 2:30 - getting her out of the van and straight upstairs was the first thing I did!

But then around 4:30 she woke up and joined us outside for some fun :)

She really looked the wrapping paper over good saying, "See all the doggies - OH WOOK! ;)"

This was the first block I saw on her quilt - made by Downsouth. SOOO ture! I do have the best jackpot! ;)

and can you guess what Olivia wanted to do with it? I assure you she took full ownership and let NO ONE on her quilt! no one! only her beloved T-ball stand! ;)

She worked & worked.... getting it just so, so. :)

and finally she was ready to "PLAY BALL" ;)

Having her 1st ever - made especially FOR HER quilt was a BIG HIT! :) Thank you to everyone who contributed. I am a very lucky mom to have so many who enjoy watching my kids grow up on the blog and reading about their silly day to day stuff on Facebook and our family blog... and care enough to want to make my children such special keepsakes! ;) Thank you again!

Love from Texas!


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