Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Special Package for Nora

We arrived HOME today around 2:30pm our time and what a relief it was to GET OUT of that van!!! David drove most all of the 16 hours and all thru the night. God bless him!

There was a huge stack of mail waiting for me in the foyer - and I mean huge! .....as in 4 Pampered Chef boxes and several Bingo packages...

but there was one box in particular I was MOST interested in opening FIRST!

My friend Quiltaholic, (from the HGTV Quilters board) and I had talked on the phone the week before my trip to KY and she had told me she was sending a box with a package for each of my children.

Let me back up to say that I've "known" about her little project for a while now.... she and several other board members worked together to create siggy quilts for my twins when they were born.

And being the thoughtful friends that they are = they also made one for Nora!!

Which she loves VERY much!

But when talking on the phone with Q - she shared no details as to what they looked like... so I was excited to get to watch the kids open up and see their gifts!

at this point I think Paul Thomas thought his "magic wand pin wheel" was controlling his big sister Nora as she flopped around on her quilt. LOL ...side... to side...

and it bugged him that her quilt wasn't perfectly laid out neat on all four sides like his was...

Nora thought it was really cool that she got to get a quilt too - for being the BIG Sister. I can not count the number of times that David & I have talked to her about how it was in God's plan for her to come first... b/c he knew she would be a great roll model for the little ones, and also a great helper for Mommy & Daddy...

It's nearly impossible to get her to look directly at my camera - or my head for that matter when I'm taking photos but look-a-there! I got ONE. It's not a good one, but she IS looking. These are so few and far between... I so wish she would cooperate, together we could create some great photos.. *sigh* if she would just listen to me and look at the camera.

Well whadda know! I actually got a 2nd look at the camera and this time it's a GOOD one! Yippie!

and I know I was gonna just share one kid in each post - but these next are so sweet... Typical of Paul Thomas and Nora... they have a special friendship between them... he doesn't talk much. Mostly grunting and pointing.. but he has it all figured out on how to get his point across and get people to do what he wants - so it works for him.

It was so cute to watch him beg his sister to play bubble lawnmowers with him. I didn't get any photos of him forcefully pushing on her to get her attention and trying to make her get up... but you can you see in the first one above how he's pointing to what he wants her to look at... he's not just letting her have a turn at his bubble mower - he's brought her Olivia's to use and race around chasing him! ;) Awlll...

and when taking this photo of the two quilts folded up I noticed in the background...

Nora helping Paul Thomas to get his mower back running and blowing bubbles again ;) Awwwwlll...

I love to see my kids loving each other ;)

Love from Texas!

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  1. The photos of Paul Thomas and Nora with their quilts are wonderful! Will we get to see Oivia with her quilt?


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