Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a great weekend - nothing special.... just being together

Nora is soooooo close to loosing her 2nd baby tooth. But not THIS weekend... The new tooth is pushing the baby one forward that it looks so wired when I look at her and look at her mouth.

I found a packet of these plastic scoop thingies with a plastic ball and it kept the twins entertained for a little while....

until David decided to wash his truck! and the kids "helped." They had a ton of fun although if you were to ask David you'd get a whole different perspective. :P

Good thing I was out there to help keep the water hose going non stop so that the soap wouldn't dry when the little ones dabbed it here, there and wherever.

Getting wet was just half the fun!

This was a perfect ending to our day. In the photo you can see a little of the girls new quilts on their beds. Looking at them each day and night it makes me feel very special to have so many thoughtful quilter friends! A special thank you again to all of my HGTV friends!

Love from Texas!

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  1. Well, Bonnie... if that last photo of your precious children all cleaned up and ready for story-time/bed (with their QUILTS!)doesn't just tug at the heart strings; then nothing does! Great, happy post!

    Happy Spring!!


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