Friday, April 30, 2010

Guess what I've been doing lately?

Icing my knee. Above is what it looked like Friday. Not nearly as bad as the day before, but still swollen and very sore. When the twins went down for nap time, I set up camp on the sofa... and thankfully each day it's getting better! Thanks for all of your T's & P's my friends! ;)

And to leave you with something quilty - do you remember when I stared out on these a couple months ago...? well I've not worked on them as much as I should have had... but..

I did talk Nora into helping mommy and she picked up off the "design floor" these I-Spy Blocks that I have made so far. I've got about 50 blocks made so far.. I need another 50 for this quilt and then 100 more for the other. Eeek it's almost May which means it's almost June! I'm thinking these Birthday quilts will turn into Christmas quilts...

Well I have a lot of cleaning up to do in the dining/sewing room - I need to clear off the table b/c we had outside border BINGO winners today - so I'll need to spread out the Jackpot Stash so I can shop for their winnings... I let them choose what color/style they like and love or need for a project and then I take photos and let them take their pick.

More photos next week! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh my goodness gracious! What happened to your knee? I do love your eye spy blocks and your strips of those yummy colors. what a fun quilt to work on!

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Just got back from a week away and read about the swap. I so enjoyed (my first time) swap for the Christmas Lights that I'd like to be included in this one too. Having trouble logging into HGTV - password problems!

    Also see your knee is not how it should be. Keep up icing it (maybe chocolate icing - (;-} and it should be good a new soon.

    Contact me regarding what I should do to sign up.

    Eleanor in New York

  3. Wow, Bonnie, that knee looks wicked. Tracy at SewThankful.com recently had a "Ice-me-Nicely" cover project with a recipe for an ice pack - Recipe: two Ziploc gallon-size freezer bags (one inside the other); 6 cups water and 2 cups Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. Freeze, however it will remain slusshy (?) and will conform around that knee. Be sure to mark the bag DO NOT EAT, DRINK OR INGEST. It is always three parts water to one part alcohol, if you want to make it smaller.

  4. Oh Bonnie -- I hope your knee is back to the right size and you are back up and around soon.

    Thanks for the link to the nested four patch info. We were having a chat about reducing bulk on Small Quilt Chat and I was trying to explain this swirl method. Hum, one picture worth a thousand words? Certainly here it is the case! Thanks!

    Love the row of brights your using on the I Spy blocks. They look so pretty on the table. Bonnie in the Poconos.

  5. hi, I visited. LOL. hope your knee gets better soon.

  6. OUCH! Hope your swollen knee is getting much better. Ice is good.

  7. Bonnie, I found you on the Quiltmaker page about the Scrappy Stars, plus I had purchased that one!

    Make a terry bag wrap for the icy by double folding a towel & sew on Velcro near the ends.

    Besides the icy pack, also put a box or small stool with a pillow, under the computer & sewing tables, as it sure helps circulation having them up.


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