Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Twins Use Their Quilts Today!

Although Olivia has been sleeping in Nora's room in her new "big girl toddler bed" since Valentines... she still napps in her ole crib in Paul Thomas' room with him every afternoon.

Today was their first day to use their new quilts! Paul Thomas really loves the bulldozer on the back side of the quilt that is on the label. He has to had to have it right where he could see it ;)

And after getting his "bank-key" just right for him, when I peeked in at Olivia she already had her eyes shut and off to dream land ;) Clearly her lovie quilt was hugging here and helping her feel so relaxed and loved!

They were down for about 2 hours before I heard them on the monitor in the kitchen. I love hearing them talk to each other when they wake up... so I headed upstairs, again with my camera in hand ;)

Just for all of you! ;) They are so funny! They greet me with the biggest cheers - as if I've been away for weeks and weeks... :) I love it when they have a good nap!

Here's Paul Thomas giving each of you a "Thank You KISS" ;) Mmmm-whah!

and both of them hung onto their quilts while I got them out of their cribs... and look what we built!

they had a ton of fun - and thankfully I had 30 minutes to spare before I had to rush off and go pick up Nora from school :) It was a fun afternoon!

Thank you & you & you &.... ;)

Love from Texas!


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