Monday, April 12, 2010

Joan's Pink Strings are BEAUTiful!

Charmingsister, your package of Heartstring blocks for Sunshine Quilters arrived one day last week and I have to confess ....... they sat on the front passenger’s seat of my mini van for 2 or 3 days before I brought it into the house. Oops.

I just took their photo and I have to tell you - when I choose pinks around white – THIS is exactly what I had in mind. ;) soft pinks… thank you so much for making extras to send in on behalf of sunshine member PvilleLou!

I love that about the HGTV Sunshine group - if there is a month that you don't really care for or no time to complete - just give a shout out on the message board and chances are in the same day someone will speak up and volunteer to make extras on behalf of you in trade off for her making another month's blocks for you. ;) Pretty cool ea? The Sunshine group is a very relaxed group that works together to make blocks to mail to a different hostess each month - who then uses the blocks to make and complete a quilt and donate to a charity of their choice.

In my case of choosing string blocks for my hostess month - the past 3 years (since having the twins) I've chosen to collect blocks and mail them into Sue at Heartstrings on behalf of our group. in the past couple years, I've sent in over 100 blocks at a time to them.

We’re going to be donating lots of lovely pink around white blocks to http://heartstringsquiltproject.com/ later this summer!

Thank you!

Love from Texas!


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