Thursday, January 18, 2007

Heartstrings Quilt Project

I know several of you have already joined Mary in her Heartstrings Quilt Project - but just in case there are any new people who read my blog that have not heard about it - they have created a new website.

Go to http://heartstringsquiltproject.com/ and you can learn more about it.

One thing I love about it is that anyone can participate on any level. You can make 1 block or 100+ and for those that choose to complete their own top they get to decide where the quilt gets donated - a charity of their choice.

I can't wait to watch this project develop during the year - there will be many quilts donated all across the country I am sure. :)

1. Not having to leave the house and getting to stay in my PJ's all day ;P
2. Finding out yesterday the pains I have been having the last few days are normal and that the tiwns are doing fine.
3. Finding out that we are having 1 boy and 1 girl!
4. Sending an email anouncement out to over 100 friends and family in GA and KY and getting lots of replies back from friends we haven't spoken to in a while.
5. Having over 100 friends and family :) We are so blessed!


  1. How exciting ! A boy and a girl. That means you get to pick two favorite names.
    What a wonderful blessing. God is indeed good.
    I plan on making those wonderful truffles the next time my children are all here for supper. They sure sound good.

  2. congratulations! How wonderful..a boy and a girl.

  3. Congratulations on twins - 1 each. You are going to be one busy lady. =)

  4. A boy and a girl! How cool. What does Nora think about getting a little brother and a little sister? Congratulations!

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    You don't have your email showing on your profile so I can't answer the question you put on my blog in an email. (You might think about changing that setting so it's easier to respond to your comments.) Yes, many of the fabrics in the picture are Civil War fabrics. Some are earlier - from 1810 to 1850 or later. If you go to www.zandsfabrics.com and check the new fabrics, you can see them. I got the following lines: Hattiesburg (January), Lancaster County 2, Civil War Backgrounds and Regency 2 (December), Regency 1 (October) and Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum 1880's (Marcus Brothers folder). They carry lots and lots of the 19th century fabrics as great prices.


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