Friday, January 12, 2007

Round Robin L-A-S-T Round!

Round Robin - only 1 final boarder left to do and I have no ideas at the moment as to what I should add to it to complete it. I am so impressed with the talents of everyone else that has been working on these Round Robins and have come to a conclusion that I am out of my leauge! Actually I have thought that for a while now.
Here it is spread out over the guest bed in the sewing room - those pink points on the outside are I guess what is called Prarie Points...? I guess - they are 3-D.

Aaah - this is a better photo -they always look better hung up over the back yard fence. Nora kept saying, "Ooooough - Prettttttty Momma" I hope she isn't thinking it will be for her! LOL

And I had to provide you with a close up of this cool batik fabric that was used.... Just wish there was more of it in the stash bag that came with the RR... hummmmm.... any ideas anyone????? ~Bonnie

PS - I have went back to a few previous posts and edited to add photos that were missing ;) I am so happy with how the Bento Box quilts are turning out.


1) I love when Nora comes up to me and asks for Chocolate kisses :c)
2) David came home for his lunch break
3) My friend's baby girl arrived safe and sound this afternoon - welcome to the world Mackinzie Elizabeth!


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