Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nora's not taking a nap for the 2nd day in a row! I can't believe she is already at this young of an age trying to negoiate her way out of a nap! So I will post the best I can with her playing with her "Nora's" ark in the other room.

Yesterday I cut 8" lime green boraders to add to Bento Box 2 quilt and began pinning and sewing them on. After I sewed the top and bottom and took it to the ironing board I discovered that somehow my 1/4" seam didn't include both the top and boarder in several places! urgh! So today I have been frog stitching "rip-it" - "rip-it" - "rip-it" :P

After the 1st boarder was ripped out I decided to take a break and clean up the mess that Nora made in the floor with all the stings last week. I tried to get her to help by singing the "Clean up, Clean up, everybody everywhere..." those of you who have watched Barney know it ;) and now it is stuck in your head too! LOL ;c) Anyway, after the 1st diaper box was full I started on the 2nd diaper box with my back to Nora and in jsut a matter of seconds I turn around and looked and it was as if I had never started cleaning up! She had dumped the whole box upside down and was happily making antoher mess! TWO YEAR OLDS! ;P

Maybe tomorrow I will have a photo to show you of the 2nd Bento Box with the boarders on it. Amazing how different the two quilts look - boarders really do change the looks of them. The first one had a black fabric with colorful stripes and this one is lime green. Oh and just wait until you see the funky orange dotted fabric I bought for the 2nd one's backing!!! :) :) :) ~Bonnie


  1. I meant to ask Nora's age, but then you told us - 2. Two and how many months? My son stopped taking naps before he turned two. If I laid down with him he might eventually go to sleep - but if he did he as still going full tilt at midnight. Better to let him go without a nap and then happily head to bed by 7:00 p.m. My mother said my sister and I were exactly the same way, so I guess he came by it honestly. Keep telling yourself this . . . "experts" (whoever they are) say that children who don't need much sleep are usually of high intelligence. :-)

  2. Hi Bonnie, nice to meet you, & thanks for the comment.
    I love your quilts, they are very pretty.
    Good luck with your twins! You are going to be such a busy Mom.
    Your little Nora is adorable.

  3. my niece Mackenzie hasn't been taking an afternoon nap for a few months now. She has just turned 3 last week. I have her and her two sisters aged 5 and 8 coming over in the next hour and i'm babysitting them for the afternoon and overnight. I'm sure i will have plenty to clean up too :-)

    Look forward to seeing a photo of your quilt

  4. Quiet time for at least an hour in the afternoon with a DVD always worked for me when the sleeps stopped. Make the spot really cosy and pick an easy to sleep by story rather than something that involves jumping up and singing and dancing.They quickly get in the routine and will chill long enough for everyone to have time out. My kids still request Mary poppins and bedknobs and broomsticks if they need a rest. A quiet time watching a DVD wont hurt her and will be great for a Mum who is having twins and doesn't have family around.Travel the road as lightly as you can-and you go girl, on the pj's all day. That wont hurt occasionally either!LOL Tracey
    ps I'll take a new full photo of Gratitudes outside for you when it stops the drizzle here. It's too big for inside shots.


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