Wednesday, January 10, 2007

so odd....

Thanks Leah, Nancy and Patti for emailing me - you all gave me the same step by step instructions which I had already tried earlier today... My comments have been on "show" the whole time.... and are still on "show" but for some odd reason - they are not showing! URGH!!!!

I even tried swithing to hide - logging out then coming back on and changing to show... and I can not tell that anything I have tried is working and it seems that now my archives - where each past month is suppose to be listed so you can go back and read my older posts... they ARE NOT showing up anywehre in my side bar either! - coudl this problem be in my template??? Good heavens I hope not b/c I have NO CLUE as to what all those codes mean!

Maybe I need to have it as hide for 24 hours? and not just 2 minuites and then come back to show...? I dont' know...

1 comment:

  1. I thinks it's Blogger's way of keeping US humble. LOL. Sometimes I get a 'comment' link, and sometimes a pencil.


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