Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Year = New Photo

It's a new year, so I guess it is time for a new photo too. After all, the one I started my blog with was taken at Christmas time 2005 when my hair was long and I wore it straight.

To the left - here I am at the park with Nora and David. I took the camera along to get some shots of Nora and her Daddy playing together and David ended up taking a few of me as well while I was sitting in the swing. There were many to choose from and hard to pick one, but I think this one captures the real me.

95% of the time, rather it is sunny or rainy; you can bet that I am going to have a pair of sunglasses on my head. (as a matter of fact they are on my head as I type and I have been indoors all day and it is 7pm!) Hey, what can I say - They make a great headband and they are usable if the sun is bright ;c) I never pay more than $9 for a pair and they have to be plastic - b/c the metal ones get caught in the hair -ouch! These came from the HEB grocery about a year ago - which is a record time for me to keep the same pair. LOL

Also you will see I have on a pair of sterling silver ear rings. These were given to me 3-4 Christmases ago from David's mom. They are sort of a drop ball - not sure what you call them, but I wear them everyday and love them!

Here are just a few other photos that we took the same day. I so wish I could have gotten a good one of Nora and I together but it was IMPOSSIBLE! She had places to go and things to do!

Hope everyone had a Happy Weekend!


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