Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ok Blogger is messing with my brain!

LOL - I had written up a post yesterday and saved as a draft... and this afternoon decided to add two of the photos needed and post it - well as you can read, I have been pulling my hair out today with blogger concerning my comments link being missing... got that fixed and then - I could not find my post! It was NOT at the top of the screen like it should have been and I was so mad... thinking I had lost all of my post - I hate having to retype a post - never as good the 2nd time...

But what do you know - it is there you just have to scroll down to yesterday's date. I guess when you save something as a draft it is saved under that date? I wonder if I had resaved before posting it that would have made it saved in today's date??? Does that make sense? oh well - I am just glad I didn't loose it.

however there is not a link for comment under that post. Maybe blogger hates me!? LOL

I am crossing my fingers that there will be a comment link under this post... here goes! ~Bonnie


  1. You did it! Good! We really like being able to comment!

  2. Your comments link is working...Thanks for your sweet post and for your thoughts and prayers for my sons!

  3. Hi, Bonnie - It seems that your comment link is working now.

    You had asked my about "W-I-P Wednesday" posts -- you go girl. I, personally, need all the help I can get to get my "WIP's" under control.

  4. Well, I can see the comment tag now. :)

    I read thru most of your recent postings - nice work! And Nora's such a cutie. I was just about that age when mom started me sewing... well, I was running bobbins for her, on her lap, but I THOUGHT I was sewing, and really being helpful... lol


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