Thursday, January 18, 2007

WIP and Cut up Thursday

Has it been a week already??? I know I am a day late but I did try to post yesterday - had it all typed up and even had previewed it once and then suddenly my computer shut down - or rather Nora hit the button!!! URGH!~ I didn't feel like retyping it so I put it off to do later that night but then didn't make it back. sorry.

My WIP progress report really doesn't have much to report. I haven't began on the RR yet. Still trying to decide if a scrappy boarder is what I want to do or not. But I did start cutting up a dress shirt I found at the Goodwill recently for $0.50. They have their tag sales every Sunday and Monday here and any items marked a certain color are only $0.50. It is so fun. I have been collecting plaid men's shirts in hopes to one day make a pattern by Bonnie Hunter called Smokey Mountain Stars I already have 3 large sacks full. Not sure when that will start (maybe this fall)but I am hoping I can get a two of my friends to do it with me - I'll provide all the fabric for the stars since I know I have more than enough shirts.

Anyway while looking at the shirts I came across one that was different - small palm tree print in a light blue. The thought of a baby quilt immediately came to mind.... and at the time I bought it I had no clue if either of the twins would be a boy but I bought it anyway - after all it was only $0.50.

Well I should have waited until I had something in mind to do before I started to cut but last weekend I couldn't wait. I figured 2.5 was a pretty universal size right... so I cut up the shirt into 2.5" strips and also stopped by Hancock’s and found some solid blue fabric to match. While at the cutting table waiting my turn, I saw some flat fold fabric that was like a sky print but soft that I thought would maybe work too as a boarder??? so I bought the 32" that was there... again - no clue as to pattern or design... Am I stupid or what? LOL

So at the HGTV quilting message board I posted these photos of my shirt fabric and the other and asked for ideas.

Usually the women there are so helpful and will even play around with their EQ5 programs and offer diagrams... or post links to photos of ideas... but I didn't get anything useful in the responses. Instead I got responses for stuff totally non related. I had to ask myself did they even read my message before posting??? Here is what some had to say:

“How about a Jewel Box? Then you could add some I Spy novelties...too cute!”

“Dinosaurs...always good for a boy. They call these giraffasaurus.”

“My personal favorite. This is five layers of the same panel, sewn together diagonally and then the top three
layers are cut to make a chenille top."

"They call this possible applique. Each animal is basically the same but they changed the way the heads and body parts are positioned."

"Here are the fastest, simplest baby quilt directions I have ever seen. Very little fabric required. I like to call it a no brainer. Choose 2 pretty fabrics, light and dark. Cut them into 6 1/2" stirps........."

Add I spy fabrics??? Appliqué??? 6.5” strips??? Dinosaurs????

Hello!!! I said I already had my 2.5” strips cut…! One lady did suggest a simple 9 patch and snowball and that is something simple enough I could do. That is more along the line of what I was thinking - KISS - Keep It Simple Sister! :) Something fast.

Other progress - my hand quilting 4 patch is going good. I don't work on it every night like I should but I do pick it up 2 or 3 nights a week when watching TV with David. No photos to show yet.


  1. If it's still strips and not cut to squares, you could make a modified rail fence. =)

  2. April 21 and May 8th - both 2006 - take a look in my archives from my blog and you will see quilts I've made from strips. Fun, simple - easy to add different fabrics too - a winner with kids... I often buy fabric and then am left scratching my head trying to make it all fit together! I love how these strip quilts went together though (I used left over strips from a log cabin quilts I was making) and then added borders to finish...



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