Thursday, January 11, 2007

WIP Wednesday Progress Report

OK, so I am a day late... but I hadn't even seen anyone else share a WIP Wednesday post until I was blog surfing today and noticed that Meredith at Quilt Threads and Kim at Pieces of Old both made WIP posts... so from now on I will try to give a progress report every Wednesday :c)

I am happy to report that my 2nd Bento Box top is put together - I finished this up yesterday - on Wednesday :c) Wish I had a better photo to share of it - but this will do for now. Come payday I will go looking for a boarder fabric and backing fabric for it. As with the 1st BB top I made I just used 2 of the 4 quarters in this top to provide a wider variety of colors.

Working with other's blocks had not been a problem until this time and there were a few that were the wrong size - didn't notice until I was sewing them together. Urgh! :P … so I had to pull some others from my stash to use instead. I already had most of it sewn together at the time, so I didn’t' get to put much thought into what color should go where - just find 4 more blocks that were not too small.

Every block has a match except 2 of them - the odd balls, I call them.... and most likely if I hadn't told you, you would have never known. I am not about to take it apart and redo. It is for charity after all. :c)

I have a funny Nora moment to share with you - today she took a notion to play with her baby doll while I was sewing. She got it last year for Christmas and hasn't even given it a second look until this week... I was cutting some fabric and heard her talking to her baby about drinking milk and the expected phrases of a 2 year old. I was coaching her saying, "oh, Nora - you are going to be such a good big sister, helping the baby drink her milk..." (We have a Big sister book and the girl in the book does this...)

But then I hear something unusual. I hear Nora say, "Choose baby, pick one" over and over and getting more and more frustrated b/c the baby won't answer her. So I turn and look at her and she is sitting on the baby doll's belly holding 3 spools of thread wanting her baby to choose one! LOL. How cute is that!

oh and by the way - the fabric mess you see in the floor - Nora decided to get an early start on our "Fun Friday" project! ;) She has a whole variety of strings all over the floor just waiting for me to begin tomorrow. LOL I "had" two large diaper boxes full of strings and today I heard her under there saying - "go swimming!!!" and indeed she was :c) LOL

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  1. wow! I love the colors in that Bento Box! It looks like a giant box of crayons.

    p.s. an ostrich round robin is called that because it doesn't "fly" anywhere -- you do all the rounds on your own top, based on guidelines provided by the coordinator! Some people also say that you can "put your head in the sand" and skip one round.


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