Saturday, January 13, 2007

I think I may have an idea for the RR

Today David, Nora & I went to IHOP for pancakes - Nora's favorite :) and just across the street is the Quilt Store so I took along my Round Robin to ask the store ladies for their professional opinions on what to add to my project. They helped me come up with my "game plan" once before.

I was fully prepared to buy some more of the batik fabric - if they had it - thinking I would use this in my round - or else something else that would go with the quilt top but after about 15-20 minutes of talking with two of the women who work in the store, I walked out without making a purchase! I can't believe I didn't buy anything. LOL And my shopper card only needed one more $5 punch mark to earn me a $25 store credit!

They didn't have the batik fabric but maybe I found it on line??? It is hard to tell but I am thinking this is it from Hancock's of Paducah? Looks dark in their photo - but if it was the exact same I would order it for sure and use it. What do you think? A match? or Not?

Ok - so here is the idea the ladies at the Quilt Shop suggested. Since these RR's travel around with a scrap bag and nothing in this RR's bag is a large enough piece to use exclusively - why not make a scrappy boarder running around the entire top? Like what the quilter did in the outside boarder of this 1930's quilt. ???Not sure but at least that would be super easy to do and I would be able to get it done quickly which is good b/c I didn't receive it until late and the last exchange date is quickly approaching....

I will think it over and see. What are your thoughts???

Oh and I must mention too that the 1930's quilt above was last years Quilt Club BOM that I participated in. I have all of the months Jan-June done and sewn together. However July - Dec have not been touched yet. :( I didn't sign up for this year's - I don't need to go starting anything new until I finish this one and if I get the 6 blocks pieced before the babies arrive I will have accomplished quite a task! I am hoping so - so that I can pay to have it machine quilted as my Birthday gift come July :c) We'll see... Happy Weekend everyone ~Bonnie

1) David taking Nora to wash her hands at IHOP without me having to ask him.
2) A fun time at the park with Nora and watching her play with her Daddy.
3) Going thru the carwash and listening to Nora get so excited at the water and soap ;)


  1. Honestly... no, I don't think the fabrics are a match. Your picture seems bright, while there's is earth tone. I did a little search myself, and found this.

  2. No, I don't think it's a match. I really like the idea of the scrappy border. I think it would be much more interesting than more of the same batik.


  3. One of my daughters would scream like a banshee when we went through the carwash- she's a bit timid. She would completely freak out! The other kids thought it was as good as an amusement ride! It has been a while since we have had a car that would fit in a carwash! I like the idea of a mixed round. makes sense to me!

  4. I think the scrappy border might do the trick -- I presume it will be all the soft pinks and greens? I don't think anything should "stand out" too much, in this case.

    Thanks for your visit on my blog today. I DID think about a scrappy border, as you said, end to end, but all the lines in the quilt are diagonal, and scraps end to end may have been too rectangular ... but I sure hope to use that in another quilt. The exaample 30's looks great with all the scraps.

    Oh yeah, one more thing - a string quilt is 'supposed' to be one where you use scrappy strings - you're not "allowed" to go out and buy the perfect diagonal color. (Where are the quilt police when you need them?) LOL

  5. Scrappy as shown, piano key, or strips at a 45 degree angle. All would work. =) If you are using the scrappy, I think it looks better to have the ends meet at a 45 degree angle than to have them cut off square, as shown on the quilt.


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